June 26, 2018

recent craftiness: felt heart roll...

felt roll-up | yourwishcake.com
I threw together this little felt project a couple months ago and am just now getting around to posting about it. My oldest is actually out of the house this afternoon and the two littles are napping, so there is this eerie quiet in the house that I'm not sure how to handle. Should I play some music? Listen to a political podcast? Watch Friends reruns on Netflix? Belt out Greatest Showman lyrics at a level that won't disturb the slumber currently happening upstairs?

Alas, I realize that I should probably sit down and put something on this blog that I miss terribly and always intend to pay more attention to. So, here I am. And I'm about to give you a very complicated tutorial that will be so detailed you won't even know what to do with yourself. Ready? Okay, good.

felt roll-up | yourwishcake.com
Step one: Cut a rectangle of felt.

Step two: Cut a rectangle of fabric that's a little bigger than the felt.

Step three: Sew a piece of ribbon to the outside of the fabric somewhere toward the middle, so when the project is rolled up you can tie it closed nicely.

Step four: Take the rectangle of fabric and fold over the edges of the fabric so that it is now the same size as the felt (you will want to iron the folds to make a nice crease).

Step five: Pin fabric and felt along the edges and sew a seam with a sewing machine. Don't talk to me about seam allowances because I will give you a blank stare.

Step six: Think that maybe this would be a good project to share on your blog, so maybe you should have taken step-by-step photos and measured things even a little bit. Realize it's too late. THERE'S NO TURNING BACK.

Step seven: Hot glue some sort of pom-pom ribbon stuff to the edges of the roll because it's cute and hot glue is fun and a little dangerous and who needs fingerprints, anyway?

Step eight: Cut a bunch of hearts out of your huge stash of felt bits and put them in the center of the felt roll. You could do two of each color heart, so it becomes a fun matching activity for toddlers. But don't worry about it, because by the time you finish it and give it to your toddler, they will have lost all interest and will be asking to watch an episode of Sofia the First.

Step nine: Roll it up and tie it up and go eat a cookie!

felt roll-up | yourwishcake.com
Ah, yes. I'm officially a craft blogger now. Don't you love the snapshot of me casually hot-gluing the pom-pom edging to the roll while wearing a super cute outfit and perfectly applied lipstick with sunshine streaming through the window behind me while my kids are mysteriously not attached to my body?

(If I sound jealous of craft bloggers, it's because I'm jealous of craft bloggers. True story.)

felt roll-up | yourwishcake.com
Regardless, I'm weirdly proud this little project, and had visions of making dozens to sell on Etsy. (Remember when I had an Etsy store? Memory lane, yo.) I'd like to make a few more to give as gifts, though. If I get extremely ambitious, maybe I'll make a handful to put in the Busy Bags we have for the children at church. 

What sort of things would you roll up in these? Felt letters and numbers? Felt pizza and toppings? Felt faces? Felt tic-tac-toe? So many ideas, so little time...

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  1. Oh, this is great, Kerri! Nice!

  2. This is cute! Hmmm...what do you think about a treasure map theme? I'm envisioning pirate fabric on outside and felt treasure chest with felt coins/jewels...or treasure map pieces...who knows!Just thinking out loud... Lol


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