April 21, 2018

who I am (at the moment)...

who I am (at the moment) | yourwishcake.com
I am...

...grateful for the random moments throughout the day when I can enjoy time with each daughter individually. A few snuggles with Verity while the older two are playing outside in the afternoon sunshine. Puzzles and books with Cora when Eisley is upstairs during rest-time. Trying out a new mug cake recipe with Eisley after everyone else is in bed. I can't do these things every day, but when these moments happen, I want to be completely present for them.

...currently reading The Read Aloud Family for myself, and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Skylark with the girls. I kind of forgot how the first Harry Potter book has a scene where a certain character has unicorn blood dripping from his face after, you know, drinking it. THAT WAS SPECIAL. (At least I'm quick on my feet when it comes to casually modifying things like this when I'm reading aloud. You're welcome, Cora, for not unintentionally scarring you during your toddler years.)

...kind of eager to exercise regularly again. Less for vanity, and more for strength. I miss being active (aside from the 48 times every day that I run up and down our staircase throughout the day). I also feel like it would help me mentally. Some days I struggle so much to keep my emotions in check, and I know that exercising regularly does wonders for my brain.

...realizing I need to print more photos.

...wondering what life would be like if I'd made completely different decisions and was currently single, writing books, traveling the world, doing yoga every day, spending a bunch of money on colorful furniture and artwork for my own apartment, going to wine bars (literally just had to Google this to make sure wine bars are an actual thing, because clearly I don't get out much), paying good money for highlights and blowouts, and enjoying the fact that my bellybutton was still intact. I don't want my life to be different than it is right now (except that I do miss my old bellybutton, may it rest in peace). It's just interesting sometimes, to think about how my life could be, had I made any number of different decisions in the last fifteen years.

...wishing I could be frivolous and spend a bunch of money on new jeans, bookshelves, and an obscene number of art supplies.

...missing my sisters, my parents, my in-laws, and pine trees.

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  1. I still adore these posts, Kerri. I enjoy getting a glimpse of what's going on with you at certain times. I love how you're making time with each of your girls individually, because I can imagine that it's hard to do in the day to day.
    I also ALWAYS thing about the 'what ifs'... not because I am unhappy, but because it's so interesting to think about how life could have been different if we had made different choices. Life really is a series of forks in the road! ;)


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