April 14, 2018

five goals for spring...

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This last week had me thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish before summertime arrives and our schedule changes a bit (yes, even homeschoolers without an enormous amount of extracurriculars end up having a different summer schedule!). Resolutions shouldn't only be made in January, right? Right. So, I decided it might be nice to get a handful of specific goals written down for each season, to help guide my focus and hold me a bit more accountable.

This month, I put together a list of five goals for springtime:

1. Always have fresh flowers on the table. My mom was in town for a visit last month, and she bought me flowers that came in a mason jar, and it pretty much made my life complete. I never, ever buy flowers (and my husband is a gem of a man, but he has bought me flowers like five times in our entire marriage). I realized after I had that bouquet on our table for a solid month (I would pick out flowers as they died, but the thing held on for a remarkable amount of time) that something as simple as flowers on the table did wonders for my mood. Isn't that weird? It would legitimately make me happy every time I saw it. So, my goal now is to always have flowers on the table, even when it's an awkward mishmash of clippings from our front porch, as seen above.

2. Continue building relationships with our neighbors. Even though we've lived here over a year, it hasn't been until recently that we've been able to socialize a bit more with some of the people who live in our community. The girls play outside every afternoon, so I have started having regular visits with several of our neighbors while the girls run around with new friends. We've never really gotten to know our neighbors well at any of the other places we've lived (apparently that's fairly common here in Southern California) and it has felt good to feel a sense of community with the people around us. I must confess: I'm awful at being the person who initiates conversations (introvert problems) but I find that I'm always so grateful for them when they actually happen.

3. Buy something for our home. I am so bad at spending money. That totally sounds like some sort of "humble brag"—and in some ways I know it benefits our financial situation, especially because I almost never splurge on anything—but it also means that even when I find a good deal on something, or see something in Target that I absolutely adore, I usually talk myself out of spending the money because to me, impulse buys equal irresponsible spending. I have to remind myself that if I do see the perfect gray shelf or a set of large wooden picture frames or a pillow in my absolute favorite color, that odds are it will be something we will have for years to come, and to just buy it already. There are still so many blank walls in our home, and I'm currently searching for a detailed world map, a large chalkboard, and some frames to decorate the wall along our staircase...

4. Start waking up early (almost) every morning. Verity continues to be a sleep champion/magic baby, and I'm more rested now that I've been in ages. I'm a mere shadow of the woman I once was. (In a good way.) I actually find myself staying up until 10PM without having a borderline panic attack about how little sleep I'm going to get. (Hallelujah and good night.) I'd love to start waking up before the girls again, the way I did a couple years ago, because even having twenty minutes of time to myself before the day truly begins does wonders for my overall attitude and mindset. I don't want to be overly ambitious and plan morning workouts and devotions and blog writing and planning-the-day and being dressed and ready before the older girls are up. (Sometimes when I start a new routine I need to take a chill pill. True story.) But I'd like to at least plan on having a cup of coffee to myself, in addition to one other thing—even if that one thing is finishing a couple chapters of my current read.

5. Be consistent with Spanish lessons. I recently started daily Spanish lessons through the Duolingo app, and even though I've missed a few days here and there, I've been surprisingly consistent! (The app has free language lessons with a beautiful design and hardly any ads. I totally recommend it!) With homeschooling, we are currently learning about Mexico and Mexican culture/history, and I thought it would be the perfect time for me to learn more of a language I've wanted to study since moving here. One of our neighbors has been quizzing Eisley, as well, and offered to help teach her new words and phrases a few times a week. (This is the same older woman who coos in Spanish over Verity in a way that always makes her burst into the biggest baby-grins. I love it.)

Here's to new (and hopefully achievable) goals!

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