March 28, 2018

a small list of good things...

a small list of good things |
+ I'm officially a mom of three darling girls, which feels kind of perfect. We welcomed our newest daughter, Verity Clara, in late January—and I realized this week that I never announced it here! We'll see if I get her birth story written before her first birthday. Who knows; I may become rather ambitious with all the sleep I'm getting with my magical third baby. (Yes, I finally have a baby that sleeps like a charm, and I think I could probably end this small list of good things with that fact. It's really my favorite thing right now. Maybe ever. Why am I actually not sleeping right now? Sleep is my jam.)

+ Jay and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary last month, which boggles the mind. I've been wanting to write about marriage here for a long time now, but sometimes it feels like such a sacred thing to be sharing with the internet, and that a blog is not the place to share our stories. But then I think about how I don't think there nearly is enough honest, authentic information out there about the reality of marriage, and that perhaps lending my voice would be a good thing somehow.

+ We've been living in our new home for just over a year now, and I love it more and more every day. I'm not even kidding: I have the thought at least once a week of, "I can't believe we get to live here." There are still so many walls to fill, furniture pieces I've been dreaming of splurging on, and a garden that may not end well (I didn't inherit my dad's green thumb, clearly) but it feels absolutely and completely like home. Although we are in a small place by most modern standards, it fits us perfectly. And I'm finally getting to know some of our neighbors, which is creating a sense of community that I never had in any other home (well, apartment) we've lived. I'm so grateful we found this place.

+ I've been able to make time to do some things I love every day. Which feels good. Speaking of which, writing is one thing I'd like to get back to. I write things in my head all the time (I'm going to assume that this is normal for people who spent a good portion of their lives sharing things through writing) but putting it down is harder these days. I have less free time and I actually feel incredibly rusty when it comes to actually writing the words out. But I miss it enough to want to start again.

+ Homeschooling continues to be so fantastic for us. Not perfect, mind you, but fantastic just the same. It looks a bit different that I thought it would at the beginning of the school year, but I'm learning to embrace the fact that this is kind of how it works for most families who educate this way. And it's actually a luxury to be able to shift and adapt your plans throughout the year, depending on what works best for you and your child. I'm discovering I'm much more laid back than I thought I would be as a homeschool mom (I always figured I'd both want and need a curriculum that had everything laid out for me, but I actually enjoy piecing things together myself—as well as embracing the mindset of learning as a lifestyle, not something to just fit into a few hours of schoolwork every day). I'm eager to get started this summer on plans for our next school year! Sometime this spring I hope to do a bit of a recap of what worked and what we ended up changing.

+ I'm currently obsessed with the Brave Writer podcast, putting a million books on hold at our library (like this fantastic thriller, which I just finished reading), eating dessert after every meal (including breakfast), and my new bathing suit.

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  1. Congratulations on the birth of Verity! What a beautiful name. :)

  2. Loved to see an update on what's going on in your world (although I always know a little bit through IG :)). I am looking forward to more frequent updates here... *hint, hint* :)

    1. You're so sweet, San! I sometimes think back to my early twenties and how I had so much leisure time to just blog the day away...oh, how life has changed. I hope to carve out a bit more time to post again, though, because it's the one creative outlet that I find myself really craving these days. We shall see! :)


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