December 21, 2017

inside my Ipsy bag: December 2017...

inside my Ipsy bag: December 2017 |
I haven't made time to post here much at all for the last couple months, but I'd love to catch up on a few internetty things before baby number three comes along and my days feel like nights and my nights feel like days and I'm surviving solely on coffee and baked goods (and whatever other carbs I can wrangle up at any given moment).

In any case, I happened to miss reviewing last month's Ipsy bag, which was on my to-do list for weeks but I never took the photos and then the rest of life took over. 'Tis the season! It's unfortunate, though, because it was a fantastic bag and possibly one of my favorites thus far. This month's bag is actually the first one I felt mildly meh about since I first subscribed 9 months ago. It was a surprise because I can't think of another one I received that didn't feel like a hit overall, even if there were one or two items that I wasn't head-over-heels for. Ah, well...I suppose I was due for a dud. (I was still excited over a couple of the products, so it wasn't a complete loss!)

inside my Ipsy bag: December 2017 |
This bag made me think of one thing and one thing only: Elsa. I suppose that may have been what they were going for during the month of December, but it's not one I will be keeping for myself. Eisley has already taken ownership of it and decided it will be her pretend makeup bag for her pretend makeup (and very real Cinderella lipgloss). Enjoy, my child.

See below for all the items I received in my bag this month:
inside my Ipsy bag: December 2017 |
Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Eyeshadow in Stargazing — Maybe I'm the only person who isn't nostalgic enough about Lisa Frank to want to relive my childhood by having super 90s-branded products in my life now. Don't get me wrong: I loved me some Lisa Frank spiral notebooks and stickers when I was 10, but now that I'm in my 30s, I'm slightly obsessed with clean, simple designs, labels and packaging. Also, I literally never use eyeshadow, so I'm curious why they sent some my way (I'm pretty sure I put that I wasn't interested in eyeshadow on my profile). At least the color is rather pretty—should I decide to apply some at some point in life. I have four sisters, so odds are I can send this to one of them to use. (Any takers, dear sisters of mine?)

OUAI Hair Oil — This product is something I'll definitely use, and I rarely receive hair products in these bags, so I'm eager to use it! It smells divine.

SLMISSGLAM Highlight Brush — Again with the aggressively sparkly and colorful design. (Not my cup o' tea.) I received two brushes in previous bags that I absolutely love and use for blush and bronzer, and I don't even fully know what highlighter is, so I won't be using this brush. I ended up giving it to Eisley for her pretend makeup bag.

Smashbox Gel Liner — I love, love, love a good black eyeliner. This stuff is fantastic and I love the brand, too!

Trestique Mini Brow Pencil — I have so many brow products now, thanks to these bags (and I think I need to re-do my profile in order to not receive any for a while!). I have to take it easy with this specific pencil because it's a little dark for my personal preferences/eyebrows. But I'll definitely be using it, so it's a win in my book.

inside my Ipsy bag: December 2017 |
If you don't yet receive Ipsy bags yourself and are interested in trying one out, feel free to use my referral link! Each month you'll receive a customized selection of 5 beauty products tucked into a little bag for only $10. You can cancel at any time and aren't locked into anything beyond your once-a-month beauty bag. I pay for each of these bags myself (this is the 9th bag I've received since I first subscribed) and have loved almost every single item, which is why I want to share the goodness here! Full disclosure: If you use my referral link, I receive points on my account that I can redeem for extra beauty products. (Thank you!)

What did you receive this month? What do you do with products you receive that you end up not using? Did the bag you received immediately make you think of Elsa from Frozen, as well? Do share.

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  1. I got that hair oil last month, & I love it. I got totally different things than you did this month, aside from the same bag!

  2. I got Lisa frank eye shadow as well, but it was a weird burnt orange color. I'm going to offer it to my mom (she's a "fall" LOL) but if she doesn't want it, I'm pitching it. I've gotten that brow pencil before and I like it, but I have dark brown hair so it blends nicely. I got a smashbox red lipstick that's very pretty but transfers really easily, an eyeshadow brush - nice but they've sent me a million of them, and some Purlisse BB cream that I actually really like.


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