October 20, 2017

life, lately...

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As of right now, the weather early next week will be hovering around 104 (October in Southern California is dead to me) but that didn't stop me from making a batch of my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies a couple days ago. Which I definitely brought to add to our brunch menu at my weekly mommy group. After all, cookies for breakfast are always a good choice. We're just lucky (or perhaps unfortunate) that I didn't slather these with frosting before putting them on the tray. 

Give me all the sugar, please and thank you.

(If you want to make some of this goodness yourself, here's the recipe I always use—I just use coconut oil in place of vegetable oil and leave out the walnuts. These are soft, cake-like cookies that I think taste best when kept in the refrigerator, so the chocolate chips add a bit of a satisfying crunch.)

These days, I'm doing a lot of the I'm-three-months-from-having-a-baby nesting, which includes (but is not limited to): going through my entire wardrobe and getting rid of things I never wear, organizing my dreaded Monica Closet, dusting under our couches, scrubbing the floorboards, and making a secret Goodwill pile in the garage of toys and other things the girls will never miss (until the moment they see them in said pile). The idea of minimalism will always be something that appeals to me, and some days all I want is to just get rid of half our stuff. As it is, I'm pretty good when it comes to keeping things simple and not overbuying...and yet I can still easily do a solid Goodwill run at least twice a year. It boggles the mind.

As I said before, we are three months away from welcoming our third child to the world—and, coincidentally, finding out whether we can pull out our bin of baby girl clothes or if we need to do a Target run for some of the outrageously cute boy clothes I keep seeing there. We found out the gender with both our daughters and really never had the desire to wait to find out...but it's just the way things worked out this time around. (It's a long story.) People keep telling me, "Oh, my gosh! I could never wait!" And I keep telling them, "Seriously! Me, neither!" Because, honestly, once I was actually pregnant I never had the desire to wait until the birth to find out the sex. I'm definitely a planner, and I loved feeling more of a connection with the baby after I found out whether we were planning for pink or blue. 

Yet, here we are, and I'm actually enjoying the waiting a little bit. Who knew? And, really, I have a feeling the next few months will be here and gone in a moment, given the last trimester will be filled with the holidays and all the other busyness this time of year brings. (Perfect timing. Thank you, baby.)

Life has felt very full lately, but in a good way. We've been busy with visits from a couple of my sisters, our weekly commitments, homeschool mornings (and afternoons), library trips, Disneyland days, running around outside when the perfect autumn weather is here for more than five minutes, and all the other goodness that fills our days. I'm craving calm and simplicity, and I'm glad that I have purposely not over scheduled us this year. That way, when something additional comes up, it doesn't set me into a panic, and I'm almost always still sure to have at least a couple days during the week when we don't have somewhere we absolutely have to be. We rarely have a day when we don't leave the house for some reason or another (even if it's just groceries or a library run), but having too many regular commitments completely stresses me out. Call me a homebody, but I don't think I'll ever be the mom driving their kids all over the city all week long from activity to activity. Never, ever.

Other than that...things are going well. This pregnancy doesn't feel that much different from my first two, aside from feeling like my belly is much larger this time around. I'm also extremely exhausted and even had my doctor run some additional tests during my last prenatal appointment, to which I was given the diagnosis of Being Pregnant While Also Raising Two Other Children. It was not very helpful, but still I carry on.

Of course, if this the worst thing I'm dealing with during this pregnancy, then I'll take it! I mean, 8:30PM bedtimes aren't too shabby. Sometimes they're absolutely fantastic. The other night I wistfully asked my husband if he remembered our younger years, back when we didn't go to bed before 9PM. (I don't remember him answering. He actually may have already been asleep.)

At least we're both in this together, right? Right.


  1. 1. Ever since you shared those cookies years ago, they have been a Fall staple over here. I'm seriously waiting for it to not be a million degrees so I can make a batch! Gimme gimme yum!

    2. Pregnant with one toddler is exhausting, I applaud you for being pregnant in this heat with two kids. Sweet mercy. The tiredness, I have it, ha.

    3. I loved not finding out if Riley was a boy or girl. It was such a crazy fun surprise and I think it's so fun you're doing it for this baby (even if it's not intentional). And knowing this time around actually feels kind of weird.

  2. Uhm, I'll start baking again soon... :)

    I have heard from a few people now that they don't want to find out the gender of their new babies and I love the surprise factor :)


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