October 7, 2017

a small list of good things...

+ I do declare it officially muffin-baking season, regardless of the fact that both today and yesterday the temperatures hovered around the mid-90s. (I've come to realize that an October heatwave is inevitable here in Southern California. I weep.) Yesterday I had the girls help me make a batch of my favorite zucchini muffins and I'm ready to be once again making a weekly batch of baked goods to devour. If you're interested in trying out some of my go-to recipes, I posted a list of my six absolute favorites last year.

+ I love a good true crime podcast, and recently discovered a new one called Dirty John. It is so well done and even more fascinating (terrifying?) to me because the crimes in question happened close to where we live. I'm such a highly sensitive person in so many ways, but there's something about true crime that has always been a bit of an obsession for me. (I blame my dad, who has always had a career in law enforcement. Thanks, dad! Expect phone calls at night when I can't sleep due to extreme paranoia!) If true crime podcasts are your thing, too, then definitely check this one out. This one is still coming out with new episodes, which is kind of fun for me because I can't remember the last time I listened to a podcast like this in "real time".

+ Last week was a fantastic week in our homeschool routine. Our school year hasn't been completely consistent due to having family in town here and there, but I know that mid-October we will be able to get back into our groove. Last week came and went without any interruptions, and seeing how our days flow rather nicely when we stick to our routine (and how much Eisley learns during short, consistent lessons) has been very encouraging. In the same way, I love that homeschooling means that Eisley doesn't miss out on visits from family when they are here—and that we're able to adjust our schedule as needed to make time for important life-things like this.

+ Apparently I'm good at watercolor painting and I really had no idea. It's like a whole new world. We're doing nature journaling as part of our curriculum this year and I figured I'd start one alongside Eisley, never thinking I'd actually enjoy it as much as I have. We spend part of the morning every Friday sketching and painting something we learned about during that week, and it's quickly becoming my favorite. When Jay came home from work last night he saw what I had worked on that day and said, "You drew this?" I was all, "I KNOW, RIGHT?" It's really the most surprising thing. And good for my creative soul.

+ Cora has been sleeping past 7 every morning lately, and it has been the greatest thing ever. Those of you who have always had children who sleep past 8 will not understand this in the slightest, but those of you who have been, like me, blessed with early-risers will join me in a hallelujah and amen. Eisley has always been up before the sun (typically waking between 6 and 6:30) and Cora has mostly followed in her footsteps during her first two years. However, these days I'm typically able to wake before the girls and have 30-45 minutes before Eisley is up and ready for breakfast, then another 30-60 minutes with her alone before Cora wakes. I'm loving this new morning routine, my friends.

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  1. Yeees. It's muffin baking season. I am getting on the bandwagon... hopefully will get around to bake this weekend! :)

    Love that you've found a new passion in watercolor painting... :)


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