September 16, 2017

inside my Ipsy bag: September 2017...

Ipsy bag: September 2017 |
I'm basically head-over-heels for this $10, monthly subscription bag. I started receiving Ipsy bags about six months ago, after I found out that pretty much every one of my sisters had been subscribed for a while and loved it. I thought I'd try it out, not planning on continuing my subscription very long—mostly because I'm not fancy with my makeup routine and it's never been a priority to use name-brand products. Still, the $10 price tag was tempting, and because I do love trying new products, I thought I'd try it out and see what I thought.

Six months in, I can't quit because this drugstore gal has now found a new way to get quality makeup on the cheap. Each bag has five items that are customized to your preferences (often full-size) and there hasn't been one bag I've been disappointed with. (See later on in my post for a handful of items I received that I continue use every single day.)
Ipsy bag: September 2017 |
I figured that it would be fun to start reviewing my bags here—mostly because I have been receiving them long enough now that I feel confident recommending them to pretty much anyone. Even as thrifty as I am, these bags have replaced any makeup purchases I used to make, and at $10 a month, even I say it's totally worth it. (Based on their marketing materials featuring 20-somethings with blue eyebrows, black eyeshadow and sparkly lipstick, I am so not their demographic, yet I've absolutely loved every bag I've received. Perhaps I should lead their marketing campaign for 30-something homeschool moms who typically buy their makeup using coupons at CVS. HIT ME UP, IPSY.)

Ipsy bag: September 2017 |
The bag this month is one I think is one I will actually keep in my purse and not simply donate to my daughter. Many of the bags my products have arrived in end up being something I give to Eisley to keep her Shopkins or collection of hair clips in. But this one is beautiful! I think I shall keep it for myself. (Sorry, Eisley.)

See below for the goodness I received this month:

Ipsy bag: September 2017 |
Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Primer — This is something I will never use, but it seems there is always one product in my bag that it out of my makeup repertoire. (I typically keep these things in a box to send to my younger sisters, who know a heck of a lot more about makeup than I do.)

GELlusion polish in Virgo — I initially did not like this color at all, but was thrilled to try out some new nail polish. I've never used any sort of gel-effect polish, and this brand is absolutely fantastic. After two coats, it ended up darker than it looks in the bottle and is officially my new favorite. I'd post a photo of it on my toes, but the internet is weird and creeps be creepin', so you'll just have to trust me on this one.

SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask — Who can say no to a mask? Not I. Used it, loved it, felt totally pampered.

Ciate London Wonderland Mascara — I've received a bunch of mascaras in my bags, which is so much fun for me because I almost never try new ones. This one isn't my favorite (mostly because I like my mascara to be a little thicker on my lashes after two coats) but for days I want to wear just a touch of makeup, it'll be perfect.

Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss in Nude Beach — This is hands down my favorite product of the month. It's basically the lipgloss of my dreams. Shiny, lightweight, just a small touch of color. Oh, and the folks at Ipsy mentioned how it smells like kettle corn and oh, my gosh, it totally does. I literally wear it every day.

current Ipsy favorites |
As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I continue to use nearly all the products I've received over the last six months. I thought I'd share a (literal) handful of the products I now use on a daily basis that have replaced the dusty, old makeup that had been taking up space in my makeup bag for years. (There are so many more products I still use that aren't included in this list, but to keep it short I figured I'd just stick to the dailies!)

theBALM Balm Springs Blush — This is the perfect blush for a fair gal like myself.

Makeup For Ever Excessive Lash Mascara — As I mentioned, I've received several mascaras in these bags, but this remains a favorite. Small brush, perfect application, good-eyelash-day guaranteed.

Ciate London Wonderland Gel-Kohl Liner — I've received several different eyeliners, but this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Paula Dorf Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil — One thing these Ipsy bags have started me on is actually doing my brows. I had no idea I could use a brow pencil without looking like I have drawn-on eyebrows, but this one works like magic!

treStiQue Mini Concealer Crayon — This is my new go-to cover up that I use under my eyes and on any blemishes. Works like a charm.

Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush — I break the rules and use this to apply bronzer. Don't tell the makeup police.

Glamour Dolls Lisa Frank Blush Brush — Childhood throwback! I use this to apply blush daily.

If you're interested in signing up to receive your own Ipsy bags, feel free to use my referral link! You can cancel any time and aren't required to pay for anything beyond a month-to-month subscription. (For the record: I pay for each of these bags myself, and the only kickback I get if you use my link are points on my account that I can redeem for extra beauty products.) If you do end up signing up, please let me know what you think of what you receive! Because everyone receives a bag based on their own preferences, there are so many different products available each month and I love to find out what other people end up getting.

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  1. I'm dying for those Lisa frank brushes! I love them.

    1. They remind me of a trapper keeper I had in 4th grade. Ah, yes...the good ol' days. :)

  2. I feel like you just may have convinced me to sign up, haha.

    1. I honestly think it's worth a try! It's a fun treat every month and if you have as much luck as I do, you'll find some great products to add to your makeup bag. I really didn't anticipate loving it as much as I do, so I can't stop raving about it... ;)

  3. Don't rule out the Smashbox primer just yet! I never use primer but got this guy in my Ipsy bag this month too and tried it out. OMG, it's delightful! It gives your skin a lovely glow, like a subtle highlighter, all over your face. It isn't heavy or sticky. I just dotted it on my face and blended it around with my fingertip. It is really pretty, I promise! (I am also a makeup minimalist and this doesn't look heavy or cake-y or overly dramatic.)

    1. Thank you so much for the tip! I honestly assumed it was just something you had to put on under regular foundation, and I'm a BB Cream sort of a gal. I'll have to try it tomorrow—thank you again for the recommendation!

  4. I've heard so many people rave about the Ipsy Bag that I am kinda on the verge of giving it a try... I received Birchbox for a while and had too many sample size makeup things to use up, so I stopped the subscription, but maybe I should try Ipsy now :)

  5. Ugh, I LOVE that bag. I just signed up for Ipsy, so of course I missed this great one! Ha. But I'm still excited about giving it a try.


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