January 3, 2017

my one word...

It's been ages since I've taken part in this annual tradition, but this year seemed like the perfect time to begin again. I love the idea of choosing one word or phrase to carry with you throughout the year ahead, to provide some focus on things you hope to accomplish, explore or improve upon. In some ways, it feels a little superstitious or fluffy (I'm pretty sure if I asked my husband what his word is for the year ahead, he'd give me a blank stare and ask me suspiciously, "Is this some sort of internet thing?" To which I would reply, "Yes, yes it is. You know me well. Now pick a word or I will pick one that you want nothing to do with."). But when you know the year ahead is going to be filled with change and growth in some very specific ways, I rather like the idea of choosing a word to offer extra focus.

My word for the year ahead is nourish.

There was a different word that I rather like the sound of and I thought would be a perfect fit, but then  "nourish" popped into my head and ended up being the only one I could possibly use. Words make me happy, and I love when the sound of a word perfectly captures the meaning. I love when the definition can spill over into many different parts of my life. I love when the synonyms resonate with me just as well: nurture, foster, hold, sustain, cherish.

When I think of this word, a great deal of it has to do with the obvious nourishment of my body—being sure to provide myself (as well as my children and husband) with good food and other things to keep me (and them) healthy and strong. My focus this year will be on finding ways to incorporate foods into our diet that are healthy, homemade, whole. (All the while realizing that making a batch of my husband's favorite cookie bars are sometimes exactly what our bodies need.) I'm eager to focus on health in a way that has little to do with my physical appearance, thinking more about wellness and keeping my body strong and (wait for it...) nourished. This morning I ended up joining a new healthy-living course, created by one of my favorite bloggers, and I'm eager to begin. (Today is the last day to sign up, and if you want to use my affiliate link, here it is!)

But, of course, nourishment isn't just limited to the physical. A great deal of my focus is going to be on things that have nothing to do with physical health and wellness. I've been thinking about what I need to do to nourish myself spiritually (intentional daily prayer, reading and memorizing scripture, becoming well-versed in apologetics), to nourish the relationships most important to me (my husband, my children, my family, my closest friends), to nourish my own well-being (reading good books, finding time to write, making time to create).

I'm eager to take this word with me as I enter 2017, because it fits perfectly with my current ambitions. It keeps my world small. It sharpens my focus on the things that matter most. After all is said and done, success may not be obvious to those outside of my small circle—perhaps not even outside of my own self. But that may be just another aspect that appeals to me, to be completely honest.

I'll be sure to write a bit here during the year as I go along, but feel free to share your own word for the year within the comments. I love hearing about the words other people choose and why they choose them!


  1. I love the idea of a word for the year and I love your word "nourish". I choose a Bible verse each year and this year it's Galatians 2:20. I'll be praying for you as you continue to look for ways to nourish yourself and those around you! Love you much!

  2. This is a great word...and so applicable to many areas of one's life. I hope this year will be awesome - for you and all of us!

  3. My word for the year is "plan". I have a 13 month old so last year, my goal was just to survive. Now that I am getting into the swing of motherhood, I want to take advantage of precious time together. I want to plan more dinners, plan more family outings and plan more me-time. Less last minute scrambling and lost moments. I always function better when I am prepared (as much as possible with a child).

  4. My word is "settle." After 7 years away, we moved back to our home state last year. Trying to treat this house, these friendships, this town as our forever town.


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