January 12, 2017

a small list of good things...

+ One of my goals this month is to drink more water and to switch from coffee to tea. Overall, I do pretty well not drinking anything other than water at home during the day. I don't allow myself to buy soda because I know myself well enough to realize I'd be drinking it every single day. (Other things I don't let myself buy: sour cream and onion potato chips, Oreos, and white cheddar popcorn. True Story.) But I'm trying to increase my water intake because everywhere you turn there's someone telling me all the benefits of drinking more water. I decided to switch from coffee to tea because my one cup of morning coffee doesn't even perk me up (and I only drink coffee with creamer, thank you very much). I figured I would try caffeinated tea to cut back on my sugar intake, at least. I purchased some english breakfast tea from Aldi, which is actually pretty good without any sweetener, but I thought I'd ask all of you: What is your favorite caffeinated tea? I've never been a consistent tea drinker, so I am eager for recommendations.

+ We've had so much rain here lately! It's glorious. Well, as long as I'm not driving in it. Or carrying a toddler, my purse and three bags of groceries in it. Or contacting our apartment's management company to fix leaking windows because of it. But overall, rainy days make me all kinds of happy.

+ The Healthy Moms Podcast recently came out with a fantastic episode called Deep Nutrition and the Four Pillars of Health. You don't have to be super crunchy for this podcast to appeal to you, and this specific episode is perfect for anyone looking to make some changes during the year ahead. It's a little lengthy, but completely worth the listen.

+ I've recently reached the most magical place in life, my friends. I've been waking up fully rested every morning between 5 and 6AM. Some of this may have to do with Cora being a better sleeper these days (although she rarely sleeps the whole night without making a peep), but even on nights when I wake up a few times, I still wake up—dare I say it—naturally before 6AM. This has never happened consistently, even when I'd try to go to bed super early. Honestly, it feels like such a gift because all I want these days is to have a small portion of each morning by myself, in the quiet, reading or writing or (let's face it) checking my phone. Of course, there's only one catch...you have to be okay with going to bed before 9:00PM most nights. And you know what? At this point in life, it's totally worth it. Amen.

+ I recently purchased an adorable little wall hanging from my friend Morgan's Etsy shop: Little Lovelies. Her shop is pretty much the sweetest thing around, and you must stop by.

+ I'm currently working through a variety of different books, which always puts me in a happy place. I purchased Present Over Perfect to read on our iPad and have been having weekly FaceTime check-ins with a friend who is also reading it (this book totally speaks to my heart these days), I checked out Paris for One from the library (I'm not completely head over heels, but would you believe I've never read any Jojo Moyes until now?) and am starting to read Simplicity Parenting for the second time (I can't recommend this book enough). It feels good to always have something to pick up. This year I'm attempting to master the art of reading more than one book at a time...

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  1. Your list of things not to buy? I see that list and raise you rocky road ice cream!

  2. The Republic of Tea company makes very high quality tea . . . My current favorite is a flavored black tea called ginger peach, but Earl Grey is a classic

  3. The Republic of Tea makes one called "Good Hope Vanilla" I adore and Chai Vanilla Tea from Bigelow was pretty amazing too!

  4. I have found that juicing regularly (with a juicer -- not a smoothie) has made me drink less coffee naturally and boost my energy. I have a juicer already (MIL gave it to me), but they aren't that pricey and I buy my veggies/fruit in bulk from Costco. :)

  5. I usually LOVE rain, but I'm going to Austin for the weekend... & it's supposed to rain all four days I'm there! Nooooo!

    Mike got me a tea steeper from Teavana for Hanukkah, & I haven't used it yet but am SO excited to get into tea. Any recs?

  6. i'd like for the rain to stop for a little longer than just a few days here. found a leak, and it's impossible to fix with all this water! :/ my company's supply of toasted rice tea has got me covered on the hydration front.

  7. Lately, I've been drinking a lot of Bigelow Teas, mainly because they're cheap, and easy to get at the grocery store. My favorite flavors include Vanilla Caramel, Vanilla Chai, and Spiced Chai, though I've been struggling to find that one. I also get Decaf French Vanilla for when I need something warm at night :)


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