October 7, 2016

Walmart Beauty Box: Fall 2016 (a review!)...

Both girls are napping (hallelujah and amen) so I thought I'd type, type, type away as quickly as I am able in order to share the contents of the most recent Walmart Beauty Box! This is the only subscription box I receive, so it's always a good mail day when it arrives. And this month it seemed like they outdid themselves with the assortment and quality of items inside. I'd say it more than made up for last season's offerings!

Here are the details for what was included in the fall version of this seasonal subscription box:Walmart Beauty Box, Fall 2016 | yourwishcake.com
Biore charcoal pore strip — This sample gave me flashbacks to my teen years when these things were all the rage and my sisters and I were a little obsessed with them. I'm fairly sure I haven't used one in well over fifteen years, so I may be a little too eager to use this one later this week.

Cetaphil moisturizing body cream — I'm always a fan of lotion samples to throw in my diaper bag (or makeup bag, or random kitchen drawer, or Jay's travel bag...).

Dove body wash — I've used Dove body wash for years, and am definitely a fan. I hadn't tried this scent until now and goodness gracious it smells like heaven. Sweet cream and peony? Yes, please.

Village Naturals Therapy mineral bath soak — I may save this so Jay can have a magical, Chandler-like bath experience after his next marathon. I'm sure he will thank me.

Ecotools makeup brush cleansing cloth — I am definitely not fancy when it comes to makeup or makeup brushes, but perhaps my $3 powder brush could use some cleaning. Who really knows?

Clean and Clear face mask — I haven't used a face mask in ages, so I can't wait to try this one! And the fact that it is apparently a "60 second shower mask" makes it right up my alley. (Most of my showers are crazy quick these days. Mom life!)

Batiste dry shampoo — I've heard people rave about this dry shampoo for years and was eager to try it for myself! So far, I've used it a couple times and was a little bothered by the fact that I could smell it on my hair for a long time after applying it. Do you use this product? Is this typical? It worked well, so I'm willing to overlook the scent, but it did seem a little odd.

Nature's Bounty gummy vitamins — I've received samples of these vitamins before and they're actually quite delicious. I'm currently taking prenatal vitamins because I'm still breastfeeding Cora, but I'd consider buying these in the future. Part of me feels awkward taking gummy vitamins as a grown woman, but another part of me rather enjoys the idea.

Hello whitening toothpaste — First of all: the packaging for this toothpaste is just adorable. Yes, things like this make me all kinds of happy. I've been using Tom's of Maine toothpaste for a while now, but am eager to try this brand! I like that a natural product like this was included in the box this season.

A few coupons were also inside the box this month, but none that I think I will personally use.
Walmart Beauty Box, Fall 2016 | yourwishcake.com
Last month's box was a little disappointing, so I was hoping this box would be a good one. I'm quite happy to say that this may actually be my favorite one so far! I was going to cancel if there were any repeat items this time around (or mostly things I wouldn't use), but I think I'll continue my subscription and hope this trend continues.

If you want to sign up for your own subscription, you can visit the website here! Each box is only $5 and they ship four times each year. This post isn't sponsored in any way, and I pay for each of these boxes myself. I just like to share a good thing when I find it!
Walmart Beauty Box, Fall 2016 | yourwishcake.com
Did you get this month's box? Are you as smitten with it as I was? Do share!

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  1. I thought this was the best WalMart beauty box yet! I'm looking forward to trying the mineral soak (aches & pains!), & I liked the Biore charcoal strips & the Clean & Clear face mask so much that I've already bought seconds of them. I really like the toothpaste but am weirded out that it DOESN'T taste extra-fresh (is that how natural toothpaste works?!), & while I agree with you about the Batiste scent, I've already used this up, too, because it just works SO WELL.

  2. your blog posts introduced me to the walmart beauty box about a year ago and i am so glad i subscribed! this month's box was definitely my favorite so far! :)


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