October 18, 2016

Mrs. Meyer's fall freebie...

I'm definitely that person who believes October is about pumpkins and apples and scarves and cinnamon and baked goods and possibly eating several homemade muffins each and every day. I believe the cool kids call this being "basic" or some such nonsense, but I'm over wanting to be a cool kid, so just give me all the pumpkin spice candles and let me live my truth and eat my carbs.

In the spirit of autumnal goodness, I wanted to share an offer from Grove Collaborative that may make your October complete, which features two seasonal scents: Mum and Apple Cider. I've used Mrs. Meyer's dish soap pretty consistently for the past year (the basil scent is my happy place) and love when I have the chance to help others get some without paying full price—or, you know, any price whatsoever. I'm also mildly obsessed with the Grove Collaborative kitchen towels (also included in this offer) which I actually use as hand towels in our bathroom. So simple, durable and quite pretty!

Here's how you can snag a bundle of Mrs. Meyer's products for completely free and receive free shipping on your first $20 order! (When I first signed up, it was a bundle very similar to this that enticed me so. I'm all about the free soap, let me tell you this.)
I've shared deals similar to this one in the past (and these seasonal scents tend to sell out quickly!) so to keep things easy peasy, here's what you need to do to get this bundle for free:

— New customers sign up here. (Please note they do not currently ship to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska!)

— Answer a few questions to help customize your first order with items you may enjoy (which you are able to adjust as much as you'd like!).

— Fill your basket with at least $20 worth of products, and the Mrs. Meyer's products will be completely free, as well as shipping on your entire first order.

— Finish and pay and go eat a muffin.

Pssst! Current customers can click here to get this bundle for 50% off!

Rest assured, you aren't locked into any subscription and aren't required to purchase anything beyond your first order. Just be sure to update your account before your next monthly order ships (they'll always be sure to send you an email before this happens). I only planned on using Grove Collaborative for my initial order, but I've continued using them (even when I don't have referral credits!) because they have such great prices, products, and customer service.

This deal is valid through Sunday, October 23rd at 6pm PT. So, go ahead! Order some goodness for yourself and enjoy it very much and maybe even thank my children for taking magically synchronized naps that allowed me to both write this post and clean the entire kitchen. (Hallelujah!)

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  1. thank you! This is a superb deal. I love Mrs. Meyer's but it's usually too expensive. Now I can buy it! :)


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