October 17, 2016

a small list of good things...

+ This morning, I woke up to the sound of pouring rain. It's such an odd thing, living here in Southern California, when I literally can't remember the last time it has poured like this. (How is that even possible?) I was able to wake up early this morning and listen to the rain outside while writing this post and enjoying a cup of coffee in the semidarkness. (I refuse to turn on any lights when I'm up this early—it's already a dang miracle when walking through our creaky apartment doesn't alert my firstborn that I am awake and seemingly ready to offer breakfast and conversation.)

+ To add to my growing list of things I love about Aldi, I recently discovered their organic marinara comes in the cutest Mason jars that can very easily be reused. After removing the label (you can read about how I do this in this post) I realized there are even measurements in the side of the glass. This sauce is already priced very low for an organic product (around $1.50 per jar) but I'm now also a little too excited about reusing the jars, as well. It's the little things, folks.

+ I recently discovered two podcasts that I'm loving. The first one is the At Home podcast, which is hosted by six women who talk all things homeschooling, faith and motherhood. I recommend the following episodes: The Early Years, Socialization, and The Cultivated Mother. I also highly recommend listening to their episode on Feminism, which I was nervous to listen to (based on my own personal beliefs and opinions) but ended up being a complete breath of fresh air and unlike anything I've heard on the subject as of late. The second podcast I can't get enough of is The Homeschool Sisters Podcast. The two episodes I recommend listening to first are: I Want a Milkshake: When Dad Works a Lot (my husband's new job has unexpectedly brought a fair amount of travel, so this was rather timely) and You Don't Have to Do it All: Getting Started with Homeschooling.

+ We recently survived nearly two weeks of one child or the other being sick, which definitely messed with our much-loved and much-needed routine, and I'm very eager to get back into our usual groove this week. I've been writing a post in my head on the importance of rhythm and routine in my life, so we will see when I'm able to actually post these thoughts here. (Soon, I hope!)

+ This September, I bit the bullet and asked another mama I knew from our local library's story time about her homeschool co-op. I knew she was homeschooling her daughter and son, and I had to work up the courage to ask her whether she is a part of a co-op (which is a feat for me, because I'm not that social with people I don't already know on a personal level, and I get crazy first-date-level jitters trying to strike up a substantial conversation with other moms). I'm so glad I put on my big girl pants and finally talked with her about it, because as of September we have been a part of the most wonderful weekly co-op, and it has been one of the best parts of our school year so far. As they say, it's so important to find your tribe when you're doing something that is somewhat off the beaten path, and these women (and their children) are becoming just that.

+ Next month we should be able to move forward with house hunting, and for that I am grateful. The perfect place will come at the perfect time. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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  1. Love all these little snippets. I'm the same as you - it would have taken my biggest big girl pants to ask that person about their homeschool co-op. I'm lucky to have been plucked up by another mother in Sadie's school who has an older daughter already in our school system and she has basically been nurturing me and giving me the heads up on things coming up. Like Kindergarten registration... how else would I have known the info was out on the website?

  2. I don't know much about homeschooling, but a local co-op meets at my hometown library, where my mom is the head children's librarian, & she has such great things to say about how they work together, share resources, & create incredible educational opportunities for their kids. I hope you find the same from yours!

    And how great is the sound of rain? I've never really even thought about what it would be like to live somewhere where you don't get regular precipitation; it's so common here. We've had some great fall storms, & I'm eager for more.

  3. I am so ready for more rain or at least cooler weather, this heat is nonsense. Also, yay for house hunting - sending lots of good vibes your way! xo

  4. Oh, I am so jealous that you have Aldi in SoCal. I am still (semi-)patiently waiting for them to open up stores up north.


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