July 11, 2016

conversations with Eisley (part nine)...

Eisley (singing her version of a Taylor Swift classic): He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar! The only reason for the chicken on my wishing star!

Eisley (eating a nectarine): These make my eyes juicy.

Eisley (trying to be polite at dinner): I'm not very impressed by these chicken nuggets. But...I like them.

Eisley (enthusiastically helping me clean out the fridge): The is the funnest day in my whole entire history!

Eisley (looking at a library book): I didn't think that super heroes could have blue eyes.
Me: Why not?
Eisley: It's just a little...tacky.

Little girl at library: What is your name again?
Eisley: Eisley.
Little girl at library: Um...I'm going to all you Isaiah. Or Leslie.
Eisley: Okay!

Eisley (clearing her plate after dinner): Thank you for that delicious dinner, mom! I'm all finished!
Me: Finished? Looks like there are still some bites left.
Eisley: I know...that's just for the flies to eat.

Eisley: I wish I could hug the whole entire city! But I can't, because my hands aren't big enough.

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