May 31, 2016

things that made me swoon in May...

1. MacBook Air — This laptop feels a little bit like the holy grail of laptops, to be honest. We were able to get this glorious piece o' goodness thanks to a bit of money we had been hoarding in case of making The Big Move. When Jay ended up taking a local job, we were able to put a portion of the money we'd been saving toward the purchase of a new laptop. It's been years since we've had a laptop and I'm so excited to now have a way to write and blog consistently! It's like a whole new world. (One hundred thousand things to see.)

2. What was Mine by Helen Klein Ross — This book follows the story of an average, everyday woman who randomly kidnaps an infant from a store, keeping and raising the baby as her own. I'm becoming a little obsessed with books featuring the viewpoints of several different characters, and I love how this book switches narratives with every chapter, revisiting the main characters throughout the entire book, but also bringing in minor characters' voices along the way. It's beautifully done, and kept me eager to pick up this book as often as I could throughout the day. (It handles the topic of infertility in what seems to be a very raw, honest way, so if that is in any way a trigger for you, you may want to avoid this book.)

3. Huggies Designer Tubs — I'm a sucker for anything beautifully designed, especially when it's something as simple as a refillable wipes container. I purchased one of these recently at CVS (it seems to be priced significantly higher on Amazon!) and the pattern I chose—which is on the bottom-right of the above image—matches the girls' room so perfectly. It's little things like this that kind of make my day.

4. Journey by Aaron Becker — This wordless picture book is absolutely breathtaking. (As is the sequel, Quest!) I've always loved wordless books (my favorites will always be the many Peter Spier books that are so prominent in my own childhood memories) and this one is so beautifully done that I'm hoping to buy a copy for our own library after poring over the one we borrowed from the library. The best sort of books in this genre are ones that have you noticing new things on the page every time to open it—the first, the second, the fifteenth. I'm now eagerly anticipating the release of the third book in this trilogy, which will be released this summer! (If you're looking for a gift for a child—girl or boy, as these adventurous books are in no way gender-specific—I noticed you can get all three of these hardback books for just over $30 on Amazon, which is a great price.)

5. Love and Respect marriage conference DVDs — A sweet friend recently let me borrow these DVDs (one of her friends had purchased the set for their bible study) and I can't recommend them enough. I still have yet to read the book this presentation is based upon (yes, we actually received the book as a wedding gift an entire decade ago), but seeing the author, Emerson Eggerichs, on stage in this DVD series was much more powerful than simply reading the book. The series is pricey, but part of me wants to go in with a few friends to purchase it so we can re-watch it whenever we'd like. It may sound silly, but I'd actually like to watch this series every single year. There is a wealth of wisdom that I haven't heard anywhere else, and it was a complete came-changer when it comes to certain attitudes and perceptions I've held for my entire married life. If I could recommend one marriage resource to anyone, ever (singles, those who are engaged, married folks, those considering separation or divorce, those who have gone through a divorce—honestly, anyone and everyone, amen) this DVD series would be it.

6. What Should I Read Next podcast — My obsession with podcasts is still going strong, and this one definitely makes my Top Three Most Anticipated Weekly Podcasts list. (Yes, there is such a list floating somewhere in my brain.) Hosted by blogger Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy, every episode does a bit of "literary matchmaking" with one guest, who shares a bit about their own love of reading, a few books they loved, and one book they hated. Anne then comes up with three books she believes the guest would love, based on the information they shared with her. I absolutely love hearing little tidbits about books people have adored, and have found this to be a great resource when it comes to my own search for the next great book!

Was there anything that had you swooning this month? Share the goodness in the comments!

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  1. I have a MacBook Air (have for about 6 years) and it is the best! So light and convenient! Congrats on the purchase and looking forward to seeing your writing more often!

  2. What was Mine looks wonderful, I just added it to my ever growing Amazon wish list.

  3. I always love your monthly swoonage posts... may I ask how you make the collages?

    I am definitely saving up for a MacBook... I am lucky enough that I can use one from work right now, but I would love to have a personal one at home some time in the not too distant future :)


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