May 30, 2016

conversations with Eisley (part eight)...

Me: If you could have a job anywhere, where would you want to work?
Eisley: Australia.

Eisley (right after waking up in the morning): I dreamed I was kissing someone.
Me: Oh, dear. Kissing someone? Was he a prince?
Eisley (concerned): No. I think it was a pastor. And I had to marry him. And I was like, "What?! I don't want to marry an old man! I don't want to kiss a grandpa!"

Eisley (to Jay, after he kisses her goodbye): Your whiskers are prickly. You need to grow those back in.

Eisley (sneaking bites of lunch before it's done): I just can't resist the tuna!

Me: What's your bunny's name?
Eisley: (pause) Officially? Jojo.

Eisley (walking by with words of encouragement as I get ready for the day): I don't think you look like poo. I think you look beautiful!

Eisley: (writes name with brown marker)
Me: That looks great!
Eisley: It's brown. Like my skin!
Me: Your skin is brown?
Eisley: Nope.

Eisley: Is there food in heaven? 'Cause I wanna eat food in heaven.

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  1. I definitely agree with Eisley on that food in heaven bit!

  2. What's the bunny's name unofficially?

  3. I love that you remember to write these down... they'll be so fun to look back on! ;)


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