March 31, 2016

things that made me swoon in March...

1. The Good Girl by Mary Kubica — This story definitely follows in the footsteps of Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, and if you have yet to pick up this thriller, you must. You won't be disappointed! I listened to the story on audiobook, which was very well done. A good one to look for if you use Audible or Overdrive!

2. Lavender essential oil — I've wanted to try essential oils for years, and finally decided to purchase a starter kit from Young Living. (I'll post more about what I'm learning as I go along—and if you have any questions you'd like me to answer, definitely let me know!) I've heard from a few other women how if all else fails, just use lavender. And, oh, how I adore it! It has helped Eisley go from waking every 1-2 hours to consistently sleeping in 3-5 hour stretches. That may still sound dreadful to some, but after months of waking every 2 hours to soothe Cora, having her sleep 4 hours straight feels like a borderline miracle. The only thing I changed in our nighttime routine was diffusing lavender in our room (where she still sleeps). So lavender is now my BFF.

3. The Wolfpack — Jay and I watched this documentary on Netflix recently and it's totally bizarre and unexpected in the best way. This film introduces you to a group of brothers whose parents (due to some pretty extreme beliefs) refused to let them socialize with others, essentially keeping them locked up in their New York apartment most of their lives. Despite being incredibly sheltered and closed off from the rest of the world, the brothers were allowed to watch movies and became obsessed with popular films. They have done everything from copying entire scripts scene-by-scene, to reenacting and filming entire movies themselves—even creating pretty incredible props and costumes. It is kind of surprising to me how self-aware, unafraid and intelligent most of the brothers are, despite their circumstances. I definitely recommend watching it!

4. The Healthy Moms Podcast — I recently came across this podcast, hosted by Katie of the blog Wellness Mama. If you're at all interested in natural, healthy living then you will love it. I can in no way define myself as "crunchy" but over the past handful of years, I've made positive changes here and there—and continue to do so. This podcast is filled with well-researched information that is presented in actionable, encouraging ways. I especially enjoyed her recent episodes on overmedication in America and hormonal birth control. And although I definitely still love me some Kraft mac and cheese, I learned so much from the episode titled The Reality of Real Food.

5. Periscope — I may be late to the game, but I recently downloaded this app and have loved watching scopes here and there. I don't follow a ton of active users, but have enjoyed @moneysavingmom (Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom) and @allyceriemer (my sweet friend, Allyce, who shares tips on motherhood, healthy living and using essential oils). Is there anyone you recommend I follow? Is there anything you'd like me to talk about if I decided to awkwardly get on there myself?

6. Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems — Eisley and I have recently become completely and utterly obsessed with all things Mo Willems. His most popular books would probably be the Pigeon series, but we also discovered the Knuffle Bunny trio (which make me laugh and cry more than they probably should). However, the best of the best for any early-reader would definitely be the Elephant and Piggie books. Every story we've read so far has been the perfect balance of sweet and silly, and I love that they all showcase the friendship between the two characters. The illustrations are hilarious, the stories are creative, and I so enjoy reading them aloud. (I also love overhearing Eisley read them herself, in all her dramatic glory!)

I'd love to hear what had you swooning this month. Do share!

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  1. What kind of diffuser do you use? Does it have an automatic shut-off timer?

    1. I have a fairly basic model that comes with the starter kit I purchased. It's called the Dewdrop diffuser, and it's been just perfect for what we need! It automatically shuts off after 4 hours. I typically run it for 30 minutes before her bedtime, then turn it off until her first wake up, then let it run again until it shuts off after that. There are so many oil combinations to use during the day, too, and it's been fun trying those out, too. :)

    2. I use a Zaq diffuser and I love it, automatically turns off after four hours too. I've been using lavender with Riley since January & I think it's helping. At least I'm telling myself it is. Do you use a specific brand Kerri? I've been using DoTerra & need to purchase more soon so I was curious. Also, hurray more sleep! :)

  2. I've been eying The Good Girl, so I'm excited to hear someone I know give it a good review. I think this is all I needed to go pick it up!

  3. I love Knuffle Bunny so much! My three-year-old will sit and read it with me but my five-year-old just rolls his eyes. "Let's read Star Wars instead, Mom!" Sheesh.

  4. I have that book on my to-read list. Glad to hear your enjoyed it.

    I swooned about hot chocolate and my new favorite pen this week :)


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