December 8, 2015

conversations with Eisley (part seven)...

conversations with Eisley |
Eisley (pointing out the icicle lights our neighbors recently hung up): "Look, mom! SPARKLING CARROTS!"

Me: "You're going to wear your Elsa costume today?"
Eisley: "Yes! I'm going to be Elsa-tastic."

Eisley (trying her first Slurpee): "I want to have one of these all the days of my life!"

Me: *chuckling while reading the latest Mindy Kaling memoir*
Eisley: "What's wrong?"
Me: "Nothing's wrong. There are just funny things in my book."
Eisley: "Like, what things?"
Me: "Oh, just jokes for grown-ups."
Eisley: "Like…is there underwear in it?"

Me: "Isn't the food at Disneyland always so delicious?"
Eisley: "Yes. That's science."

Eisley: "Do you know what Cora's new nickname is? Cantaloupe! Because her head is SO ROUND."

Me: "So, how is the sandwich?"
Eisley: "It's good. I made one of these before. With my daughter. You were in heaven, visiting Jesus."

Eisley: "My name is Ramonica. I'm a ballet stepper."

(For the record, that last one is pretty much the way I plan to introduce myself to people for the rest of time.)

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  1. These just made me giggle so much. Ramonica is the best. Also I love that Disneyland deliciousness is science, because obviously.

  2. You have a comedian on your hands ;)


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