September 1, 2015

Cora's birth announcements (and an ode to Shutterfly freebies)...

newborn announcements |
I'm pretty much in love with the birth announcements I made for Cora, so I had to share them here! (The hope is, of course, that everyone who is receiving one in the mail and also reads my blog has already received theirs.) In any case, I seriously adore the design I found over on Shutterfly and wanted to share them with you!

For some reason, taking a photo of a photo on a card has made the coloring a bit funny on Cora's face, but in person the cards are absolute perfection.

newborn announcements |
I tried doing a Pinterest-y newborn photo shoot with Cora a couple times, but the photos did not turn out well at all. (I shake my fist at you, Pinterest!) I ended up snapping this photo while she was napping during one her first couple weeks at home, and somehow it just felt perfect for the announcement. Her button nose gives me heart-eyes for days.

newborn announcements | yourwishcake.comnewborn announcements |
I couldn't wait to send these out to some of our friends and family, and—newborn or not—may have stayed up too late addressing envelopes a couple nights in order to do so. (It's probably weird, the level of joy I experience while addressing envelopes. Can I get paid to do that sort of thing? Someone needs to invent that job. And then hire me.)

Although I am an affiliate for Shutterfly, I purchased these announcements myself (I was definitely grateful to have a $20 promo code I received elsewhere and was saving for a rainy day, because that definitely offset the price a bit). I've become pretty good at combining promo codes and discounts in order to get my order to the lowest price possible, though—and always use either my Ebates or Swagbucks account to get to the Shutterfly website in order to get a bit of cash back.

Have I mentioned I'm oddly obsessive when it comes to finding ways to not pay full price for things? It's an issue. A beautiful, beautiful issue.

In addition to these announcements, I was able to add a couple freebies to my order—but I can't show them and all their adorableness to you here because they are being saved to use as Christmas gifts for people who most certainly will see this post. (Sorry!) However, I thought I'd share how I've been able to snag so many Shutterfly freebies over the past couple years. I've been able to get notepads, reusable shopping bags, several photo books, and a few other items for free—usually just paying for shipping, unless I'm adding them to an order for which I was able to qualify for free shopping. I definitely get more for free than I ever have paid for out of my own pocket! 

See below for a some tips:

1. I'm not sure if this is a regional thing or not, but I receive many offers for free Shutterfly items on the little catalina coupons that print out with my receipts after shopping at Vons (or, if you're in a different part of the country, Safeway!). I've received codes for free photo books, placemats, mouse pads, and reusable shopping bags this way.

2. About once every quarter or so, Kelloggs Family Rewards will send me a promo code for something in one of their promotional emails. I would have unsubscribed from these emails ages ago, but I don't want to miss out on these promos! I typically delete all their other emails (sorry, Kelloggs) but they will usually mention the free item in the email subject line when they are offering one. You can sign up for this program here.

3. Although I planned to exclusively breastfeed, I signed up for Enfamil Family Beginnings because they offered a free photo book promo code after I registered. (Clearly, anyone can sign up for this, and I'm assuming this promotion is still available! Correct me if I'm wrong…) You can sign up here.

4. There are a few deal blogs I follow regularly that are sure to mention when Shutterfly has free item promotions going on. A couple of my favorites are Money Saving Mom and Freebie Shark.

5. I discovered while ordering these announcements that Shutterfly actually has a Special Offers tab on their main page where you can often find codes for free items, as well as any other discount codes they are currently featuring. They recently had a promo where any customer could select one free item (I believe you could choose from a mouse pad, notepad and something else I totally forgot). Although this promotion has expired, here are a couple that are currently live! (Please note you'll have to pay shipping for these freebies, unless otherwise noted.)

  — One free card of your choice with code CARD4U. (exp. 9/21/15)
  — If you register as a new customer, you'll receive 50 free prints. (exp. one month after signing up)

Hope this helps some of you out! (And perhaps Cora's button nose has given you some heart-eyes, as well.)

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  1. Your announcements are adorable! I used Tiny Prints for birth announcements for my daughter - they turned out really nice but I found them to be ridiculously expensive. I've used Shutterfly for photo books - maybe I should look into their other items as well!

  2. so many heart eyes! would adore one to hang on the fridge if you have an extra. ;)

  3. I've been a Shutterfly user for a while but my goodness has my purchasing gone into overdrive once Riley arrived. I love all the random freebies (mugs! placemats! prints) and they are making the best gifts.

    Also, LOVE the announcement, so so precious!

  4. Those announcement cards are adorable! Love them.

    By the way, I'd gladly open a business with you where we address envelopes for a living! It's totally my jam! Come on, there must be customers for this out there!!

  5. yes, include lettering in your etsy shop! People would totally pay you for it.

    Congratulations on two beautiful daughters!!


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