August 17, 2015

conversations with Eisley (part six)...

Eisley turns four...
Me: Eisley, do you want to help me take this to the garage?
Eisley: No, I can't. Because I'm not alive anymore.

Eisley (after I told her I need to do my hair and makeup): It's okay, mommy. You can be a sweatball today. You don't have to do your hair because it takes too long.

Eisley (showing me a picture she drew): See? It's you!
Me: Why do I have freckles?
Eisley: Because that's how you are. That's how Jesus made you.

Eisley (walking by with a book opened on her head): Hey, mommy! I look like a Canadian!

Eisley (thinking really hard): I wonder if Cora will speak English or Spanish…

Eisley: Look at my eyes!
Me: Yep, those look like sleepy eyes to me.
Eisley: No, they're CAKE eyes! Because I want more cake!

Eisley: I love you, mom. You're the best mom in the city.

Me (reading a question from our nightly devotional): What do you think about when you're cozy in bed at night?
Eisley: I think about a dinosaur coming in through my window and eating my hat.

Eisley (being handed a cheeseburger): Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. LOL - such great conversations!!! :)

  2. My goodness I love her! She and Meredith would get along so great. Whenever M doesn't want to do something she might say, "no because my legs don't work anymore." Lol!

  3. She is such a little ham, I love it.

  4. I love that you write these down! Those will be great memories!

  5. So stinking cute! I really hope Cora speaks Spanish and I usually say "Thank you Jesus" when I get handed a cheeseburger too!

  6. She's such a cutie! My 5-year-old uses the "I'm not alive anymore" line too.


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