June 22, 2015

the bump (36 weeks)...

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Symptoms: I'm finally to the point where I have to say goodbye to my one cup of morning coffee. I can tell a huge difference in the heartburn department when I avoid it, so although I'm much (much) more tired throughout the day, it is worth it to not totally overdose on Tums. Also, this may be the first point in my pregnancy where I feel I have legitimate food cravings. I am all over the sweets right now and most evenings require a huge glass of chocolate milk with dinner. One day last week I may or may not have eaten three ice cream bars in one day (which was clearly a bad choice, albeit a delicious one). I also am loving a bowl of sugary cereal before bed. Aside from the sugar cravings, not too terribly much has changed since my last update! I've returned to napping (almost) daily with Eisley, in order to make it through the day, but it has been rather nice. And I know sleeping will be so hit-and-miss a month from now, so I'm letting myself have this time to indulge.

Body: I am turning into a total puffball, and that's more of a simple statement than a complaint, because with my first pregnancy my calves and ankles were wildly swollen by month seven. The fact that I made it to the last month and am just now rocking daily cankles feels like a true accomplishment! (And may actually have something to do with all I've been doing to prepare for the move this weekend.) The odd thing is that my fingers are also super puffy (which I didn't experience last time) and I can't even wear my wedding rings most days. I have a simple band that is a bit larger than my regular rings, so I've been wearing that, but it still digs in. I feel awkward and slightly naked not wearing something on my ring finger (hey, it's been over 9 years!) so I'm hoping it doesn't get much worse before the little gal's arrival. Other than the puffiness, I'm still magically avoiding stretch marks, and I'm fully aware that sharing this with the internet may be the ultimate jinx. Ah, well.

Emotions: I find myself being rather short-tempered with both my husband and daughter these past several weeks, which I'm trying to keep in check. Keeping the rage at bay is important, even though it seems like there is a lengthy list of things-to-do-before-baby-arrives…mostly to do with the move. With Jay only available to help on weekends, so much of it feels like it is up to me and I'm (obviously) very limited in what I can actually do. I'm amazed that I haven't been a puddle of tears over packing up the duplex, but mostly I'm just eager to settle into a new space and new routine at our new place. It's been a bit of a challenge, making the whole thing fun for Eisley, but she's been pretty amazing and has been rolling with the punches in a way only an almost-4-year-old can do. I'm a lucky mama to have her as a sidekick, for sure.

Miscellany: It's so wild to think I'm at the point where I need to be packing my hospital bag, readying Eisley for the big day, washing baby clothes, preparing meals for the freezer, and sending off my pre-admission form to the hospital. I'm actually not worried that much over the actual labor and birth, which feels a little surprising—but also not, because I did have such a positive experience last time. During the first half of this pregnancy, I was stressing out about my options and making this birth even better and more magical than last time, but now? I'm kind of over that whole shenanigan. I just want to get this little baby into my arms safe and sound. I'd like to try to rock a med-free birth (if my blood pressure stays in check and my labor is as-quick or quicker than last time, I think I can totally do it) but at the same time am totally not going to feel like a failure if I take the epidural. Mostly, I just hope that my stay at the hospital isn't too terribly long and that the new little gal and I can get back home sooner than later.

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  1. You look great!
    I just got back from my 36 week appointment, and it seems baby isn't ready to come anytime soon (Which I'm actually grateful for). That being said, I can't believe how huge my cankles are either (they came out of no where this weekend! And the amount of fluid in my feet is just awful. Sigh!
    Keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. You look fantastic, Kerri. I hope you'll be able to get the move and settling into your home behind you before the little lady decides to make her entrance into this world!


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