June 1, 2015

my weekly to-dos (and a mornings make-over eCourse!)...

Apparently every week will be filled with roller coaster emotions. It's just how I roll at this point.

This past week brought a bunch of wonderful things: visits with friends, a husband returning home from yet another film festival, some freebies in the mail (always a good time), a long overdue chat with a far-away bestie, maternity photos taken (thanks to my incredibly talented friend, Lan!), and awesome adventures with little miss Eisley.

And then last night, as I went to move our new car at the end of the day, I realized the truck parked behind me had rammed into our bumper—leaving two sizable dents from the screws in his license plate. Jay and I are still dumbfounded as to what kind of person would clearly hit a car, then leave their car jammed into the other one, and go on their merry way. It was a huge shenanigan, but I'm grateful the person was ridiculous enough not to just drive away, because the officer we called was able to get his address, and I was able to exchange insurance information with his girlfriend (he wasn't home, or so the story goes), and this week we will hopefully have the whole thing fixed at no cost to us.

But, honestly, what are the odds? We've lived here for more than seven years, have parked one car on the street that entire time, and never once have any of our other (older!) vehicles been run into like this. We've had this new car for two weeks and BAM. (Yes, there's a Friends reference in there somewhere.)

While the police officer was taking a while at the guy's apartment, we waited with our car and I may or may not have asked Jay, "So, is it bad that I'm kind of hoping the guy is being tased?"

He gave me look of judgement, but I like to think he was experiencing similar emotions.

And back to my to-dos! Because I missed a couple weeks, here is a new list for the current week—and next Monday I'll check in to let you know how many I managed to cross off:
This week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Complete workbooks with Eisley Monday-Friday
 — Deep clean/organize something
 — Create meal plan for the rest of the month
 — Go through newborn hand-me-downs

 — Finish one book
 — Early-ish mornings (with at least 30 minutes before Eisley wakes!)
 — Spend one evening out by myself

Creativity & Blogging
 — Get started on the new baby's birth album (I can at least get started with the pregnancy pages!)

 — Earn enough Swagbucks for one gift card
 — Get bumper on new car fixed

Also! I have to share a new eCourse that I'm a little too eager to begin myself. Crystal from Money Saving Mom (a blog I've gained so much wisdom from) is releasing a 14-day eCourse, Make Over Your Mornings, designed to encourage women make the most of their mornings—helping you increase your productivity, streamline routines, invest in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process. (Amen.)

Over the past couple years, I've been much more intentional when it comes to waking before my daughter, but goodness knows I have yet to make it a real habit. Although I will soon be returning to the zombie-mom phase of life, I am eager to complete this course and log away all the inspiration I can to use once the new baby is sleeping better and I'm able to return to early-mornings myself.

Tomorrow (June 2nd) is the release date, and the eCourse will be available for as low as $5 throughout the day. If you'd like to purchase the course, tomorrow will be when you'll want to do it—although the full price, $17, is totally affordable (even for a thrifty lady like me) you really can't beat $5, right? Here's the full schedule for the discounted pricing:
  • 12AM to 7AM ET — only $5! 
  • 7AM to 12PM ET – $7
  • 12PM to 5PM ET – $10
  • 5PM – 12AM ET – $13
You can learn more over at the new course website, and be sure to let me know if you end up purchasing it! I'd love to know who will be working through the course alongside me.

I hope everyone is having a rather delightful Monday!

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  1. I have recently revamped my morning routine and it's made HUGE difference! In fact, I have a post going up about it tomorrow. Even though I feel pretty good about it, I bet I could still benefit from the course. I hope you'll share more about it!


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