June 2, 2015

a small list of good things...

photo by Lanny Nguyen, text added by me

+ As I mentioned yesterday, my good friend (and talented photographer) took some beautiful maternity photos of me and my family on Sunday. We had planned to make the trek to a local park to do the shoot, but an exhausted, post-work-trip husband combined with a non-napping 3 year old made for a bit of a challenge. We ended up staying at the duplex and taking photos there, and it turned out even better than I could have imagined. At first, I kept thinking there's no way our place was cute enough for an at-home photo shoot (no pretty painted walls! no beautiful back yard! no impressive wall collages!) but there's something about being photographed in my everyday-space that was so comforting. Who knows how much longer we'll be here, so I love the fact that parts of our current home were captured within the photographs.

+ On another pregnancy-related note, I was so thrilled to discover one thing that has changed since my last pregnancy: breast pumps are now covered by insurance. The fact that I was able to get a brand new (rather expensive) breast pump for free makes me not want to shake my fist at insurance companies (for the time being, at least). At least they're doing something right!

+ Have you read Station Eleven yet? I love that it lived up to the buzz of the internet. I get so excited when I find a work of fiction that I can't put down. This book was incredible—and a very unique story. (I love post-apocolyptic tales that feel more realistic and less like science fiction.)

+ I actually made the time and effort to meet a sweet friend for a long-overdue pedicure last week. I'm not one to spend money on things like this often, but the last time I splurged was this past December, so my feet were in dire need. I don't get away for things like this very often (even if it's just a couple hours away) so it was such a treat.

+ Aside from the drama we had over the weekend with someone denting the bumper of our new car, I can't help but send up a prayer of thanks every time I get into it to drive somewhere. After driving one tiny hatchback or another for more than a dozen years, having a small SUV with so much space feels almost unreal. I'm so grateful we were able to buy it, even though it has increased our spending each month. Sometimes things like this are worth it! (I mean, have you even tried to fit two carseats into a Yaris hatchback? I'll give you a cookie if you can manage it without curling into the fetal position.)

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  1. Hmmm. I am not sure if my comment posted. So I'll be weird and type it again...

    That is a wonderful photo!! I was curious as to what type of small SUV you purchased!? I am thinking of getting a smaller SUV in the next year or so...I so badly want the Ford Explorer but it is so expensive!

  2. Oh my word, what a beautiful photo!

  3. Have you given up on the house hunt, too? Ours is dismal. Womp womp.

    Making the time to get away with friend(s) is always so worth it. It's like freeeeeedoooooooom!

  4. Love the maternity pic & the fact that you did it at home, that sounds so cozy and delightful! Lanny is so wonderful, can't wait to see more. And hurray for the new car, seriously having a mini SUV has been amazing and I just have one kid. I know you'll appreciate it even more when the little lady arrives soon.

  5. Lovely photo! So sorry someone dented your car, we've been having some car issues, but we finally HAVE ONE and for that, we're so thankful!


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