May 25, 2015

the bump (32 weeks)...

32 weeks pregnant |
Pardon me while I skip my weekly to-dos and instead focus on the bump! I'm only 8 weeks away (or less, if she arrives early like her sister) and it's something that hardly feels like a reality right now.

Symptoms: This little gal is definitely a mover and a shaker. She's rolling around so often throughout the day that if there's ever a point I don't feel some appendage poking out of my midsection, I'm like, "Where you at, kiddo?" She had the hiccups for the first time in church this past week (something I don't remember ever feeling with Eisley!) and it made my life complete. She tends to reside in my upper-right section, near my ribcage—the same way Eisley did before she was born, which makes me smile. I'm trying to think of any other notable symptoms at this point, but there aren't any that stand out aside from the kicking, the sleepiness, and the roller coaster of emotions I experience on the daily.

Body: The belly! How it grows! Some days, it feels absolutely enormous and other days I feel as though it should be much larger with only 8 weeks left to go. (Overall, I feel like I carry small, but perhaps it depends on the angle.) I have many more aches and pains at this point, and often my lower abdomen feels like I did some military-grade ab crunch workout (I assure you: I did not, nor will I ever). I'm still miraculously cankle free (for which I would like to rejoice) and have yet to discover any stretch marks. By this time in my pregnancy with Eisley, my legs were essentially tree trunks by the end of the day, which I figure was probably due to a desk job that had me sitting for most of every single day—not to mention an hour long commute each way! So, it's been quite lovely to avoid that this time around. Intense heartburn comes and goes, but that isn't quite as bad as last time, either. My bladder remains the size of a cashew, but you know. Waking every two hours to run to the bathroom during the night is only preparing me for having a newborn again, right? Right.

Emotions: Within the past month, I've been kind of an emotional train wreck. One of my friends, who just recently reached the third trimester of her own second pregnancy, couldn't have put it better when she said, "I feel like I'm being hazed into this trimester!" I'm pretty sure there was a full week recently that I cried every day. And one morning I just couldn't stop crying for a full hour and had to put on a few extra episodes of Sophia the First for Eisley so I could weep in peace and get it fully out of my system for the day. (Or, more accurately, until Jay got home from work and I had a full-on ugly cry conversation with him.) Although I'm less and less worried about the actual arrival of our daughter and all that comes along with that, I'm more and more stressed about how we're going to make it work as a family of four in one of the most expensive parts of the country. The pressure is on, my friends. I know things will work out, and that God will provide for our little family, but I don't remember ever feeling this stretched before in my life.

Miscellany: I ended up failing my 1-hour glucose tolerance test, which I definitely wasn't expecting, and had to go in for the 3-hour experience this past weekend. It was a bit of a, shall we say, adventure, since my OB offers only one location for this service, which happens to be a lab combined with an urgent care facility. Which meant sitting in a waiting room for 3+ hours surrounded by a large quantity of sick, sick people. I kept trying to strategically place myself near anyone who came in limping or hunched over in the midst of a back spasm, and not walking around with a plastic bucket into which they were planning on tossing their cookies at any second. At this point, however, I have not yet contracted the Georgia Flu (I may or may not just have finished reading Station Eleven; this is true) and am crossing my fingers I passed the test with flying colors (or, you know, decent insulin levels, or whatever the heck it is they were testing for). Aside from that shenanigan, I'm definitely staying busy! It's just wild to think I only have a couple months to go.

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  1. Most of my pregnant friends have failed the 1 hour test b/c it's given to you like at random times and you don't really prepare your body to have that extra sugar. I failed my 1 hr and my 3 hr (I had gest diabetes w my other 2 pregnancies, so now, at 14 weeks I'm already on medicine, prickling my fingers and such) but I did have to do a diet previous to the tests. Hopefully, the 3 hr one went well for you!
    And just 8 weeks!! YAY!

  2. Hope the 3 hour test went well! And ohmyghoodness, 8 weeks left! So crazy and so exciting.


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