May 11, 2015

my weekly to-dos...

This week was definitely filled with some highs and lows. But I love that it ended with a very sweet and simple Mother's Day. I'm all about a calm weekend at home, and that's exactly what I had! Amazingly, Eisley took a 3+ hour nap on Saturday, which means I was able to accomplish everything in the world. And on Sunday, I woke to the sweetest gift from Jay, as well as a card (with a personal message, even!), which was very needed and so appreciated. We enjoyed an after-church lunch which sent me into a food coma, and I was even afforded the luxury of an afternoon nap. Does it get any better than that? I think not.

Other than that, I've been doing my best to be more proactive with the rental search, still to come up completely empty-handed. So many emotions. So little time.

Even thought there's no guarantee at this point that we'll find a new place in time, I keep hearing from more and more women who have ended up moving while in the final month of pregnancy, so I know it's something I would be able to survive (given we find something decent). Throw some more stories of hope at me! I need them! Please and thank you.

I also (finally!) finished writing up a monthly budget, so we have an idea of how much extra we have to work with each month. It feels so good to have everything written down (and feels even better to realize that we are doing pretty well when it comes to being smart with our income!). There really isn't much we can cut out, because we're already very thrifty and don't spend much on extra luxuries each month. But I realized that so far this year, our monthly food spending has been hovering around $300 (not too shabby, when you compare it to the national average), and so my new goal is to bring it down to $250, which I feel is totally doable when I'm making more things from scratch and working harder to create meals around items we already have on hand. It feels good to have a new goal!

Speaking of which, here's a look at last week's goals:
Last week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Try one new from-scratch recipe (made this slow cooker marinara!)
 — Deep clean/organize something (made serious progress on decluttering and organizing our kitchen)
 — Focus on letters with Eisley

 — Finish one eBook and one "real" book (finished Lost Lake, which was completely charming)
 — Wake up before Eisley at least 5 days this week (I may just have to give up on this idea for a while…I've just been too exhausted in the morning since I hit my third trimester)
 — Buy new pajamas (these tanks are comfy and adorable)

Creativity & Blogging
 — Work on one DIY project
 — Finish/order Eisley's newborn album (so ridiculously excited about it!)

 — Send one piece of snail mail
 — Continue rental search (the absolute worst)

vintage goodness |
Along with my last products from Etsy (which I haven't made time for in ages!), I'll be listing up some vintage goodness in the shop this week, for a flash sale. All items will be deeply discounted and ready to ship! It will feel nice to sell the items that I've been keeping tucked away for too long. I'm sure down the road, I'll be able to invest in my shop once again, but it will be nice to tie up all loose ands and move on for now.

30 weeks (eeee!) |
30 weeks pregnant! (With post-nap sleepy-eyes.) I can hardly believe I only have 10 more weeks to go. Things definitely go by so quickly the second time around… 

kitchen madness |
I made (and loved) the crockpot marinara I linked to in my above list from last week, and it made a good amount to freeze, too! We used a good portion for one pasta meal, then I was able to freeze the equivalent of two more 24 oz. pasta jars. This is definitely a recipe I'll make again, and now I can be on the lookout for crushed tomatoes and tomato paste for cheap-cheap.

overnight oats |
If you're a peanut butter lover, you have to try this overnight oats recipe: peanut butter and honey refrigerator oats. It's ridiculously delicious, and Eisley even asked for this (over chocolate chip pancakes!) for breakfast this weekend. I can't get enough.

And here is my list for the week ahead:
This week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Prepare one freezer meal
 — Deep clean/organize something
 — Create meal plan for the rest of the month

 — Finish one eBook
 — Daily bible reading/prayer/journaling
 — Spend one evening out by myself

Creativity & Blogging
 — Host Etsy flash sale for all remaining items I have on hand

 — Send one piece of snail mail
 — Earn enough Swagbucks for my first $25 gift card for the month (I'm so close!)
 — Continue rental search (hold me close, young Tony Danza)

Happy, happy Monday!

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  1. You look beautiful! And yes, you will survive a move even if it's AFTER baby comes. I know two people who have gone through and come out on the other side just fine. Regardless, praying for something to come up sooner than later just to ease the mind even!

  2. $300 a month for groceries - good grief, what am I doing wrong? We're easily spending twice that (for two people). I know, I know, we do eat meat and we drink about 2 gallons of (organic - mind you) milk per week alone, but I've been trying to work on our grocery budget, but will never get it down to $300, I think.

    I hear you on the rental search... it's been so frustrating for us, too. I keep my fingers crossed that you'll find a new home before the baby comes. You lookk fantastic, btw! :)

  3. We took a free budgeting/personal finance class through a grant program in our town and it's a breath of fresh air. I agree - having everything written down is super helpful. Now if only we could make more money!

    We seriously spend twice your grocery budget each month. You're doing great!

    Also - you look so beautiful!

  4. I'm a total nerd, but I absolutely adore budgeting! These days I think of it as a game - where else can we make cuts to save money? We easily spend twice what you do on groceries (for 4 people) and that's with coupons and shopping sales! My husband and son are bottomless pits, though. You look beautiful, by the way :) I love that dress!

  5. We moved house 18 days before our first baby was born. I had SPD as well. It was fairly hellish on the day and the day after; but actually was totally fine looking back.

  6. Frustrated by the housing search over here, too!

    We moved 2 months before I was due, but it wasn't a big deal since it was only an hour away. Hopefully something will work out!

    Also, do you guys have Aldi there? It makes it insanely easy to have a small budget for food. Everything is crazy cheap! It's completely ruined me for every other grocery store. I easily spend $50 a week there for everything we need!

    Or have you thought about watching another child in your home to earn some extra money? Sometimes when you can't cut any more, earning more is easier for your quality of life! I know a few friends who do that and it helps a lot.

    Anyway, good luck with the search! I have that panic, too. We move August 15th...and have no idea where yet. We were hoping Mike's salary doubling would give us the money to rent something better (not ready to buy until we know we'll be somewhere 5-10 years!), but even $1600 gets you the 2nd floor in a gross duplex. Booooo. I didn't realize how lucky we had it here!


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