May 21, 2015

moderate couponing: crackers and custard at Target...

free crackers + cheap custard at Target = happiness |
I feel like it's been forever since I've done a "moderate couponing" post, but I had to pop in and share an awesome deal I came across this week! I was able to get all the above items at Target for $3.22—and all the crackers were 100% free. Not too shabby, considering the retail price would have been just shy of $22. (For the love of Pete, never spend that kind of money on ice cream or crackers. Even if the ice cream is actually custard and the crackers are organic.)

Here's how I got this deal:
  Horizon Sandwich Crackers: purchased four @ $3.49/each
   — Used 50% off Cartwheel offer (via Cartwheel app)
   — Used two BoGo Free coupons (printable, found here)

  Dreyer's Frozen Custard: purchased two @ 3.99/each
   — Used two $1 off coupons (from Sunday's coupon inserts)
   — Used one $1 off coupon (printable, from
   — Used 25% off Cartwheel offer (via Cartwheel app)

Regular price: $21.94
Price I paid (not including the extra 5% REDcard discount): $3.22

I can't recommend the Cartwheel app enough, you guys. Every week they have random high-value discounts offered for everything from DVDs to clothes to toys and grocery items. (It was also kind of awesome how for the cracker deal, the Cartwheel discount was applied first, but the BoGo coupon still took off the full price of the items before any other discounts, which is how they were all completely free!)

If you're new to any sort of couponing business at Target, here is a quick cheat-sheet for how many offers can be combined for any single item:
  • Manufacturer coupon (either printed or clipped from the Sunday circulars)
  • Target coupon (yes, they have coupons on their website, so you can use a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item!)
  • Cartwheel discount
  • 5% REDcard discount
Years ago, someone tried to convince me to get a REDcard, but I really didn't want another credit card. But once I realized that they have the debit card option, which is essentially the same as using your regular debit card, I was sold. (You always receive a 5% discount at the register, plus free shipping every day from their website, which is handy!) I only use it at Target, but I say it's totally worth it, especially if you're there often.

Let me know if you take advantage of this grocery deal, too! I get a little too excited when I can actually score a freebie at stores like this. Often times, the shelves are cleared on day one of the sale (but maybe that's just here in Southern California).

By the time you read this, I may or may not have consumed half of one custard container…send help…

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  1. I was reluctant to get a RedCard at first, but it's so worth it if you're a regular Target shopper! I also love the Cartwheel App... it's literally the best! They make it so easy to save these days with all the apps that you have on the phone in your pocket anyway!

    Thanks for sharing our moderate couponing journey once again! I always love those posts!


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