April 1, 2015

the bump (24 weeks)...

24 weeks pregnant | yourwishcake.com
Symptoms: I haven't had any recent I've just gotta have it cravings for anything, but I do enjoy eating more chocolate and ice cream than I typically indulge in. I'm also loving: cold cereal as "fourth meal" in the evenings, veggie sandwiches on rye bread, dry roasted peanuts, and ice cold lemonade. I'm sleeping better than I was in my first trimester (not counting the 2-3 bathroom breaks, of course) and have been able to get up before Eisley on the mornings she ends up sleeping past 7. I'm starting to get a tiny bit of heartburn here and there, and have to be sure to bring snacks wherever I go to avoid nausea when I start to get hungry. I feel baby kicks throughout the day (especially in the mornings and evenings) and can even see her kicking from the outside now, which is just amazing. All-in-all, things are going rather well! I'm so grateful.

Emotions: At this point, I feel much less emotional, overall. (You may want to ask my husband for his opinion on this, however.) I'm reaching a point of calm…a point where most of my worries are being overshadowed by joy and anticipation and thoughts of oh, my gosh, we will have a snuggly new baby in just a few months! I'm continually reminded of what a blessing this child is, and how I shouldn't take even a moment for granted. Although I'd love to have more children after this, there is always the thought of this possibly being the last time I experience this. You just never know what the future holds, so I'm trying to remember that and cherish every stage of this pregnancy.

Body: Although I must say I'm very pleased with how my body is handling pregnancy this time around, my belly button is definitely reaching the creepy shows-the-outline-through-the-shirt stage already. My belly button didn't really "pop" during my first pregnancy, but it was close to it towards the end. It never went quite back to normal after I gave birth (RIP, adorable innie) and I think this time around it was all too eager to make an appearance early on. Once again, I must say that if this is the worst of my problems, I consider myself one lucky lady. And to anyone who is mildly creeped out by my belly button: I totally get it. I'm mildly creeped out by it too, at this point. As for everything else, I'm grateful for non-maternity clothes to still be fitting just fine (aside from jeans, naturally). I picked up a couple maxi skirts from Target this past weekend, which I anticipate will be worn to death this spring and summer. I also figured out that the regular (less expensive) tanks fit the exact same as the maternity tanks when I go up one size. Victory is mine!

Miscellany: We are still searching for a 2-bedroom place that is a good fit for our family. (Sadly, we never heard back about the perfect duplex we applied for earlier this month. I weep.) We are also still settling on a name, and part of me feels like we may wait until she is born to announce it. We shall see! Everything else is going quite well, and I'm savoring this point in pregnancy, where things feel comfortable and cozy.

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  1. You look fantastic momma! And I totally, 100% get the belly button deal. Mine popped wayyyy out towards the end and I admittedly hated it. It's since gone back to normal but now when I see pictures from back then my first thought is always "gosh that dang belly button!".


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