April 6, 2015

my weekly to-dos...

I've had much of my family in town, so I feel we've been on the go for most of the past week! It's always a joy to have my parents and some of my sisters here, as well as a niece and nephew this time around. (Eisley has been on cloud nine. When she's not treating her cousins like siblings and being rather dramatic, as per the usual these days.)

I'm grateful to continue to have a lot of energy right now (despite being 6 months pregnant) which will come in handy as we take on Disneyland for the last couple days my family is here. Our annual passes just expired—of course!—but I can't not go there when my family is in town. So I had to bite the bullet and spend the money on a 2-day ticket (but at least we get a SoCal resident discount, eh?).

As far as goals go, I didn't do too bad, considering how busy I was! I do need to bust a move on the organizing and clutter removal—whether or not we end up finding a new place to move before the next little lady arrives in July. I may need to just focus on tackling one room (or closet) each week. Baby steps…

Here's a look at last week's goals, as well as a peek into my world for the past seven days:
Last week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Deep clean/organize something
 — Finish up gathering Eisley's Easter basket goodies
 — Have a more positive attitude around Jay (nope, not even close)

 — Finish reading one book (finished The Girl Who Chased the Moon)
 — Stick to 10PM bedtime (only missed one night, so I'm calling this a win!)
 — Begin social-media-free weekends
 — Tackle email inbox (made some progress, at least)

Creativity & Blogging
 — Toss/sell/donate crafting items I no longer use
 — Jot down tentative blog post ideas for the month of April

 — Write and mail two thank you notes

Easter '12 and '15 | yourwishcake.com
Easter was such a fun day. And of course I had to pull up the photo from Eisley's first Easter three years ago to compare it to our current Easter shot! One thing that apparently never changes? Our sleepy Sunday morning eyes. Ah, well. What's a gal to do? (Especially when Easter breakfast starts a little after 8AM. Hold me.)

I managed to make time to send out a few pieces of snail mail, which always ends up lifting my mood. Even though stamps are ridiculously expensive these days, I want to make an effort to send more notes and cards to my favorite people.

Eisley received a Merida costume and wig from my parents, and for three days straight she hardly took the wig off. She even insisted on wearing it while eating breakfast, which I found rather entertaining… 

I received my first freebie in my ePantry shipment this month, which is a perk of being a VIP member. (I joined early on and was able to snag the status for 50% off, which is why I was able to spend the extra money to guarantee free shipping and other nice perks!) This organic soy candle smells like heaven, and I don't usually spend money on these sorts of things, so it made me quite happy this week.

With much of my family in town, I had to snap a photo of my parents, who are the cutest ever. Nearly 35 years of marriage and they make it look so easy. (Also, how does my mom not age?)

And here is my list for the week ahead:
This week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Organize/declutter Eisley's books and toys; donate what we no longer need
 — Work on positive attitude
 — Plan date night this month

 — Daily bible reading
 — Organize clothes; toss or donate what I no longer wear
 — Make the effort to wake up before Eisley every morning

Creativity & Blogging
 — Set up monthly giveaway
 — Edit photos I've recently taken

 — Boring car stuff (wash/vacuum/buy new battery)
 — Send one piece of snail mail

Here's to a lovely (and rather busy) week ahead!

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  1. Your daughter is so beautiful... just like you!!! And your parent are adorable. Much love, sweet friend. Happy Easter!

  2. Eisley wearing her Merida wig while eating breakfast made my week and then some!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  3. You look so much like BOTH of your parents... & Eisley looks so much like you! The photo with the Merida wig is hysterical.


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