April 14, 2015

conversations with Eisley (part four)...

Eisley-isms | yourwishcake.com
Eisley (coming up and giving me a hug): I'm so glad you're not an old, old woman!

Eisley: Did you know I'm a mommy, too?
Me: Oh, you are?
Eisley: Yes, I'm 11. I'm married to a man named Jay. I have a pink car. I have five kids.
Me: You have FIVE kids?
Eisley: Yes, their names are Dadessa, Granola Bar Baby and Ready-to-Go.

Me: Can you believe how big Jo's dog is now? He's so big and fluffy! I wish we could use him as a pillow.
Eisley (laughing): Yeah!
Me: But we can't use him as a pillow, can we?
Eisley: No, because he's just a cupholder.

Eisley (opening a gift): I wanted this for TWO YEARS!

Eisley (as we are driving): Hey! Daddy and I went to that Walmart before!
Me: Really? What did you buy?
Eisley: Nothing BAD

Me (noticing Eisley has covered her head and body with a blanket and is sitting silently): Eisley, what are you doing?
Eisley: I need privacy for my milk feedin'.

Eisley (after dressing up one of her stuffed animals): He looks so dignified!

Eisley: Mommy, you're my favorite. You have beautiful blue eyes. Your hair is so brown, like a donut. I wish I could eat you up!

Eisley (showing me a toy horse): Mommy, does this horse have a penis?
Me: Uhhhhh…

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  1. Ha! These are some of my favorite posts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Priceless! I am glad you're writing these all down! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I was recently going through Meredith's quotes that you shared and they had me rolling. We need to get these girls together and record some of their conversations! Haha… :)


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