April 22, 2015

Citrus Lane: a peek inside my April box...

Last week, our most recent Citrus Lane box arrived, and I managed to sneak it away to snap some photos before Eisley saw what I was doing. (I have a few talents as a parent, and sneakiness is one of them.) See below for a peek at the items we received this month!

Citrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.com
At first glance, I was pretty happy with the contents of this box (which is for a 3 year old girl). There are certain brands that show up in these boxes pretty consistently, and Barefoot Books is one of my absolute favorites, along with Green Toys! Seeing these two items had me quite the happy camper. Still, to be honest, I like to view these boxes through the eyes of someone who paid $29 for the month-to-month subscription—and for anyone who paid that price, I feel this may be the first box ever (and we've received many) that wasn't worth the month-to-month price.

I like to calculate the average retail price of the items within each box, so I can have a good idea of whether or not I feel it's worth what an average customer would pay full-price, without any codes or credits used. This month, it was a little tricky, because both the book and dish set were created specifically for Citrus Lane, so I could only guess on what they would cost if sold individually. (For instance, the regular Dish Set has 24 items instead of 12, and costs $24.99, and this specific book isn't available in paperback.) My best guess is that the value of all the items comes to just shy of $29, which is a bit of a bummer. There was also a coupon for a discounted membership to a yoga website, but when I have to pay money out of pocket for something in order to get the savings, I don't include that in the worth of the box.

Here's a closer look at the items inside:

Citrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.com
Dish Set from Green Toys (average retail price, based on larger set: $12.50) — Green Toys is such an awesome company and I'm always thrilled when this brand is included in these boxes! Over the years, we've received a variety of toys and tableware and have loved them all. The quality is fantastic, and I love that everything they make is made from 100% recycled plastic. I was going to save this for Christmas, but realized that almost daily Eisley asks for dishes and tableware to use to play restaurant. Plastic > glass. Perfect timing!

Citrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.com
Junior Bangle from Chewbeads (average price: $6.00) — This is the one item in the box that I found a little boring. It's cute enough, but I think it would have been more fun to receive a necklace or something a bit less basic than the bangle. I'm sure Eisley will love it, as she does with any sort of jewelry these days, but nothing about this product really stood out to me, personally!

Citrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.com
Whole Grain Cookies from My Super Cookies (average retail price: around $1): I always love the random snacks they throw into these boxes. It's fun for Eisley to try something she's never had, and it's nice that they always end up being something deceptively healthy and organic.

Citrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.comCitrus Lane box review, April 2015! | yourwishcake.com
My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words (average price of similar paperbacks: $7.99) — Out of everything we received, I'm most excited about this book. It's perfect for Eisley! As she works on her pre-reading and vocabulary skills, this one will be very much enjoyed. As with all Barefoot Books we've received through Citrus Lane, the illustrations are colorful and beautifully done (which is always a selling point for me!). To be honest, I've been so smitten with everything I've seen from Barefoot Books that I've toyed with the idea of becoming an ambassador through their website—because, although I'm not a direct-sales sort of a gal, books are something I've always been passionate about, and this brand has so many wonderful offerings.

Because we've received so many of these boxes throughout the past few years (and have always loved the products inside—many of which we continue to use years later) I like to think that this month's low value for the price is just a fluke. Since I began calculating the average retail price of the items inside the boxes I received, the value has been worth around $35+ for each box, so if you're looking to stock up on toys, books and other unique gifts for your child (or any other kiddos in your life!) I think these boxes are a pretty good deal!I still recommend this subscription box to anyone with a kiddo preschool-age or younger, because of my past experiences and all the awesome items we have received.

I'm grateful to have enough referral credits to snag one more box before I decide whether or not to continue our own subscription. I'll be sure to let you know my final verdict!

Coupon codes, ahoy!
  • If you're interested in signing up for a 3 or 6 month subscription, use the code CITRUS20 to receive a $20 discount.
  • If you'd prefer to just try one box, you can use the code TAKE10 during checkout to receive $10 off your first box bringing the price down to $19, including shipping.
  • Both of these codes are good through 4/30!

Did you receive a box this month? What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear any feedback you have!

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  1. I'm obsessed with subscription boxes, so even though I don't have kids, I get weirdly excited reading your recaps, haha.

    1. Haha! I love seeing subscription box reviews, too (and may spend way too much time on the My Subscription Addiction blog every now and then, because that blogger gets EVERYTHING). Have you tried any that you'd recommend? I never know what to ask for when my birthday or the holidays roll around, and I keep thinking that a subscription box would be a fun treat. :)

  2. i thought i posted a comment earlier but maybe it didn't go through... just in case :) did you get this box when E was a baby? I'm considering signing up but I'm wondering if its worth it for Grayson now or if its better for more toddler-age?

    ashley (@ashleylovephotography)

    p.s. are you going to be at the film fest at all this week? would love to you see you!

    1. I think it would be worth it to try a box for his age! We received our first boxes when Eisley was around 6 months old, if I remember correctly. I know the company has changed a bit since then, but some of our favorite boxes were from that timeframe! There are still bath toys and other playthings she STILL uses after all these years, and one specific CD we received that is still her favorite. :) At that time, they'd often include adorable board books and things like body wash or lotion, but you should google to see if there are any box reviews you can find that are targeted to his age range! I know there are probably a lot out there, and it would be worth it to check it out before.

      And I'm not sure I'll make it out to the film fest at all! :( Jay's schedule is so crazy that I'm going to be flying solo for most of the time. I'll text you if the miraculous happens and I'm able to make it there!

  3. We got the exact same box. It's only been a couple days but my daughter is OBSESSED with the dishes set -- she didn't have any before, and she is loving making "snack" for us.

    1. Aw, I love it! Eisley is currently going through a "waitress" phase, and loves walking around taking orders from Jay or me (or anyone else who is visiting). The dish set has been a hit for us, too! I like getting items like this (along with books!) in these boxes because you know there is longevity to it, and it won't be something they'll grow out of too quickly. :)


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