March 5, 2015

moderate couponing: this week at CVS...

moderate couponing at CVS |
I've been so well-stocked on home and beauty products that I haven't had the need to do many bigger shopping trips at CVS or Target for the past several months. But this week I saw a deal I couldn't resist on shampoo (thanks to my go-to couponing blog, Krazy Coupon Lady) and also had a couple high-value coupons for my favorite pressed powder that I was hoping to pair with sale pricing and a CVS coupon. It was perfect timing because I don't have any extra shampoo/conditioner or powder on hand. Once I was back from my shopping trip and checked the receipt, I realized I'd saved even more than I'd anticipated, so I couldn't help but share this deal with all of you!

I always know I've done well when even the cashier stops to look at the receipt and says, "Wow. You saved a lot." (It's a little embarrassing how much pleasure this brings me.)

In any case, this is what I was able to purchase for only $9.18 ($12.44 after tax, and regularly priced at more than $50):
moderate couponing at CVS |
Here's the pricing breakdown:
  Revlon Pressed Powder: purchased two @ 10.79/each
   — Revlon cosmetics are currently buy-one-get-one 50% off
   — Used two $4-off-one-Revlon-item coupons (from coupon inserts)
   — Used one $4 off $15 Revlon purchase coupon (printed from CVS coupon machine)

  Pantene Shampoo/Conditioner: purchased six @ 3.33/each (sale pricing)
   — Used two $5-off-three-Pantene-items coupons (from coupon inserts)
   — Received $5 ExtraBucks for spending $20 (pre-coupons!) on Pantene products

Regular price (pre-tax): $51.53
Price I paid (pre-tax, deducting the $5 ExtraBucks I received): $9.18

Sidenote: Am I the only one who goes through shampoo way faster than conditioner? That's the reason I bought four shampoos and only two conditioners—in case you thought I was crazy.

Although you would need to receive the Sunday paper inserts to score most of these coupons, I wanted to show this deal as a perfect example of how you can get an incredible deal with very little planning. These days, the coupon blogs do all the work for you! They will even link to the printable version of coupons when they're available, and also let you know whether a deal is actually a deal. I do a quick check of my favorite couponing blog every week to see if there are any can't-miss deals at the stores I'm most familiar with (Vons, CVS and Target) and then gather or print my coupons once I have an idea of what I need. All things considered, it doesn't take me very long, and when I stock up on items in bulk (like the shampoo and conditioner this week!) it means my trips to these stores become much shorter and much fewer.

It's a little crazy to realize how much I've cut spending on things like beauty products, makeup, home products and other miscellany thanks to taking advantage of these deals—not to mention my weekly grocery shopping trips and (somewhat unimpressive) meal planning.

But! More on that later. I promise. (See also: Things I will accomplish if my child naps at all next week. The saga continues!)

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  1. You're not crazy! I go through shampoo at twice the rate of conditioner, too! I have really long, thick hair, and usually the first lather isn't good enough to truly clean it. So I have to do two rounds with the shampoo before a conditioner round.

    1. Glad I'm not alone! :) I need to always remember to buy more shampoo than conditioner, but for some reason when I'm in the store I typically don't think about it.

  2. What couponing blogs do you follow regularly?
    I am opposite on the shampoo/conditioner ratio! Congrats on Baby Girl #2!! :)

    1. Thanks for the congrats! :)

      As far as couponing blogs, the main one I find my weekly deals at is Krazy Coupon Lady. I don't check every blog post; instead, every week I check the specific posts for CVS, Vons and sometimes Target. I also find a lot of good deals thanks to Money Saving Mom (which I read more consistently than KCL!).


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