March 11, 2015

a small list of good things...

+ Sometimes it's the little things that make a place feel new again. My older sister bought me the above gorgeous napkins, which I immediately decided to use as curtains in our kitchen. How perfect are they? She always manages to find things that are so very me.

+ In my daily consumption of podcasts (which I tend to listen to while cleaning the kitchen or duplex, or when I'm working on dinner) I've come across a few that I couldn't help but share. These ones are definitely for the mamas, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! God Centered Mom: How to Stop Yelling, Lecturing & Power Struggles, Read Aloud Revival: Reading Aloud to Toddlers, and Focus on the Family: Finding Peace in the Midst of Mommy Stress.

+ If you're interested in trying out Citrus Lane for the first time (or perhaps restarting your membership, like me) now is a good time, because there are couple promo codes out there that will get you some free goodies! If you use code SKIP30 (exp. 3/13), you'll get 30% off your first box and receive a free Skip Hop Lunchie Set (a lunchbox and a sippy cup), or if you use code BUNNY (exp. 3/15) you will receive 40% off your first box and a free bunny Easter basket. I took advantage of the latter, because it's been ages since Eisley received one of these boxes and they've been on my brain! We received many of these boxes and continue to use so many of the items even years later. Love 'em.

+ I've been trying not to go too crazy with my pinning over on good ol' Pinterest, but instead am trying to limit myself to things I think I can (will!) actually follow through with. Here are three pins that I think are totally up my alley: Crocheted shamrocks, one-pot lasagna and this list of children's books that should be in everyone's library.

+ Although it seems that most days, Eisley has simply given up her desire to nap, the two major perks would have to be a super-early bedtime (we're talking zonked out by 7:30) and a surprisingly late waking time (last week I had to wake her up twice around 8:30 because we had somewhere to be). She's never been a sleeper-inner, so the idea of having a couple hours to myself in the morning is absolutely glorious.

What are some good things you can't help but share today?

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  1. I decided to jump on that Citrus Lane deal! But I went with the lunch box freebie, and looks like it's the monkey one which is awesome because Meredith is in love with monkeys right now! I didn't order one for Liam though because I am cheap and he won't know. :)

    When Eisley doesn't nap, does she get tantrumy by the evening? I actually wouldn't mind the non-napping that much (especially if I got an early bedtime & late sleeper) but M. just melts down if she doesn't.

    1. Awesome! I hope it's a good box for both of our girls—it's been ages since I've received one, so I'm excited to see what's inside. I read reviews that the monkey lunch set is super cute, so that's an awesome freebie! :) Oh! And you should sign up for the Share-a-Sale Citrus Lane program if you end up reviewing the box on your blog. (You only receive $10 per referral, but I like to receive the cash as opposed to the $20 I can only spend on Citrus Lane products through their referral program.)

      When Eisley doesn't nap, the worst time of day is between 3 and 5. Because we're still transitioning (she still tends to nap 2-3 times every week) it's like her body knows it needs rest but is fighting it, so she is pretty challenging for those couple hours. We deal with a lot of mean faces, mean words and general meltdowns around here. Ah, three year olds!

  2. I think Grady is giving up his nap too. On one hand, I love it because of the super early bedtime. On the other hand, I hate it because he's an absolute disaster for two hours before his bedtime and NO ONE is happy. This too shall pass, right?

    1. Getting through the transition reminds me so much of when Eisley went from two naps to one. There's those few months where the child's brain is still like, "I WANT SLEEP!" but they're not quite tired enough to actually sleep. Rough stuff for the parents. You're right: this too shall pass!


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