January 6, 2015

the goodness of ePantry (free shipping + $10 credit!)...

ePantry review (and special offer!) | yourwishcake.com
Late last year, I discovered an awesome company. ePantry offers a variety of name-brand, eco-friendly products that we all know and love. They have brands like Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyers, Method, and a handful of others—all ready to be shipped to you one your own schedule. Once a month, once every few months, four times a year—whatever works for you! Aside from cleaning products, they also have a variety of beauty products, baby items, oral care, and other such goodness.

ePantry review (and special offer!) | yourwishcake.com
In the past several months, I have been able to make a small income from this blog (nothing impressive, but it's something!) and I've been looking for ways to use that money in ways that will benefit both our family and others. Joining ePantry was a great choice for me, because they provide certain eco-friendly items for a better price than I would pay at the grocery store (the average customer saves 26% vs. their local grocery store).

I've found many things to love about ePantry, and make me happy to support them: they are a relatively small company (only 15 employees!), their customer service is incredibly friendly, efficient and genuine, they will refund you 100% if you try a new product and end up not liking it, and there is no obligation to place an order every month—schedule as many or as few as you want!

ePantry review (and special offer!) | yourwishcake.com
Thanks to an special introductory offer I found on Money Saving Mom in November, I was able to get all the above items for much less than I would have at Target (or a similar store), due to a $10 credit, a free item, sale prices, and free shipping! Now, that's a deal if ever I saw one.

ePantry review (and special offer!) | yourwishcake.com
Because I was so happy with my experience, I asked the folks at ePantry if they would be able to offer my readers a similar deal. Ask and ye shall receive!

If you decide to join ePantry using my links, here is what you will receive:
— $10 credit on your account (which you can use on your first order!)
— Free shipping on your first order of $20 or more
— VIP status for 50% off (more on that below)

So! If you add $30 worth of products to your first shipment, the $10 credit will drop the price down to $20, which will also guarantee you free shipping.

PS: In the lower-left corner of your ePantry dashboard, there is often a chat window with a simple question for you to answer, which will give you an extra $2 off your order! (In November, I just had to let them know my favorite pie. It kind of made my day.)

As mentioned above, you will also have an opportunity to join their VIP program for 50% off. (But you definitely don't have to if it's not your jam!) This program entitles you to free shipping for every order, and a variety of free, full-size samples throughout the year. The annual price is $39.99, but you'll be able to get it for only $19.95—which even I couldn't resist, knowing I would be placing a handful of orders throughout the upcoming year!

If you end up joining, please let me know what you think (and if there are any products you personally recommend)! I'm excited for my upcoming shipments this year and will be hosting a giveaway with some of my favorite items next month. Stay tuned, lovelies!

ETA: These offers are good through Sunday, January 11th at 6PM (PST).

Affiliate links included in this post. If you decide to join ePantry via this post, you will receive $10 towards your order and I will receive a $10 credit on my own ePantry account. Thank you for your support! View my disclosure policy here.


  1. Sounds like a great company - if they shipped to Canada I would definitely sign up! I love Method cleaning products ... everything in my house smells like grapefruit :)

  2. I'm intrigued. I have to look into this.


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