December 12, 2014

a small list of good things...

Well, hello, there! Guess what? I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, contrary to popular belief. I've just been indulging my inner hermit for the past month, staying busy with home-life, holiday prep, and the general craziness of mothering a three-year-old. I had so many posts I had hoped to share in December, but all my good intentions seem to have been lost in the abyss. Ah, well. Come January, I'm sure I'll have plenty to keep up with on the ol' blog!

I thought that for now, as I dust off the cobwebs around here, I'd share a few good things I've come across recently:

+ I've read a bunch of fantastic books while I've been mostly away from the internet for the past month. My favorite was a novel called Midwives, which I'm surprised I never heard of before coming across it at my favorite used bookstore last month. I recently donated a bunch of books, so I had a bit of credit and decided to take it home with me. I could hardly put it down—which felt kind of like a big deal for me, considering I have a much harder time finding fiction I enjoy (as opposed to memoirs or other non-fiction). It is a beautifully crafted story, and had me guessing all the way to the end. I definitely recommend picking it up!

+ I'm totally swooning over Kathleen's handmade felt advent calendar, which she shares over at Kapachino. It is absolutely gorgeous, and something her kids will definitely treasure. (I still dream of finding the one from my childhood for less than $60 on eBay, but odds are I'll just have to make my own someday.)

+ This crocheted alphabet is pretty much the cutest thing ever. If I have time, I'd love to complete a set for Eisley's Christmas stocking!

+ I recently made this one-pot garlic parmesan pasta from Damn Delicious, and holy moses it was amazing. It's so simple and inexpensive, and is something you need to make immediately. You can thank me later.

Also! If you're finishing up Christmas shopping (like me), be sure to use "BOOKDEAL25" to snag 25% off one book from Amazon (I picked up this one for Eisley!). The code is good until just before midnight on December 14th.

And how have you been? I hope all is well with you and yours!

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  1. I don't know needlepoint, but that felt advent calendar is fantastic! so cute. I never had an advent calendar growing up, and I don't have any kids just yet, but I think it would be a wonderful tradition to start when I do :)

    also, that pasta sounds amazing, I'll have to add that to my list of things to make. and thanks for the heads up on the book deal! I didn't know about that one.

    P.S. I've popped over here before but never comment... thought I would today. glad you're back to posting. happy holidays!

  2. That book 'Midwives' looks good! I'll have to be sure to remember to read soon!

    Have you heard of It's the best site to go if you need to explore new books to read! But since the new year is coming up, so many new books will be out! So I hope you'll find good fiction books then as well!

  3. I love Kathleen's Advent calendar too, but I'm completely clueless when it comes to needlework of any sort. I can't even figure out cross stitch!

    Merry Christmas :)


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