December 29, 2014

a list of hopes for 2015...

list of hopes |
For the past few years, I've made a rather lengthy list each December, writing down a bunch of things I hope to accomplish, experience or improve upon. These lists tend to be forgotten until the next year—rarely something I revisit obsessively. It's more of an exercise in hopeful brainstorming…and trying to get my head and heart in the right place before the new year begins.

This time around, I thought I'd share my list here, to serve as a reminder to myself throughout the year. I ended up crossing off more than half the items on my list for 2014 (without even revising the list at all until now!), so we'll see how the year ahead pans out.

I think it'll be a good one. Actually, I know it'll be a good one.

Family & Home
 — Find an affordable, larger place for our family to move into
 — Simplify/downsize clutter/keep only what we use and need
 — Create a new tradition
 — Homeschool (preschool!) Eisley

 — Walk more
 — Bake/cook more from scratch
 — Switch to homemade cleaners
 — Purchase juicer

Heart & Soul
 — Weekly devotions/prayer with Jay
 — Focused prayer, journaling and devotions every day
 — Date night once a month
 — Donate time/money to causes close to my heart

 — Re-learn how to use my sewing machine
 — Reorganize/redesign Etsy shop
 — Write more often
 — Take more photos with my "real" camera

 — Earn more
 — Give more
 — Take a solo trip
 — Do one brave thing

What is on your list for the year ahead? How do you keep track of goals, hopes or resolutions?


  1. That's a wonderful list! I normally keep one in a notebook in my purse, but I rarely look at it. For 2015, I'm going to keep it simple: run more; draw more; donate more.

  2. What a lovely list. <3

  3. My wife and I need date night once a month. We don't have real dates since we are either always working or too tired. Lovely list! x

  4. On my list for the new year: Once/month date nights, attending a writer's conference, getting up before the kids (at least most of the time! I'm so not a morning person!), and saving more so we can hopefully buy a house!

  5. i love your list it absolutely inspired me to look for areas of growth throughout all of my life :) this is a silly question but how did you make the cute header graphic for your list? I created a post like yours but was not sure how you get the nice colors and mood of all your graphics and post :) do you use a special program or filters?

    Also congratulations!!


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