November 7, 2014

conversations with Eisley (part three)...

Eisley-isms |
Eisley (pointing to some photos from our wedding): "Look, mommy! You found LOVE!"

Me: "You were brave at your doctors appointment today, weren't you?"
Eisley: "Yes…I just closed my eyes and believed in myself."

Eisley (watching Jay open his wallet): "Daddy?"
Jay: "Yes?"
Eisley: "Can I have some cash?"

Eisley (as we drive past a park that was filled with people the last time we saw it): "Mommy! The park isn't ALIVE anymore!"

Eisley (eating a hardboiled egg yolk): "Mmmm…this is good cheddar cheese."

Me: "You should go look in the mirror and see how cute that sweater looks on you."
Eisley (looking proudly in the mirror): "I look like a human child!"

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  1. Hehe. I am so glad she knows she is a human child. ;) Love her.

  2. Haha, sometimes you have to wonder out of which hat kids pull their comments ;)


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