October 14, 2014

four drugstore makeup favorites...

my four drugstore makeup favorites! | yourwishcake.com
Being the avid coupon-clipper I am, there aren't many beauty products to which I'm brand-loyal. I typically buy whatever I can get for the best price from a handful of favorites. (And I do love to try new things, because being adventurous with beauty products isn't very risky when you're sometimes spending less than $3 after using sales and coupons!)

However, in the past year, I've discovered four different items that I'm pretty sure I can't quit. They're just that great. It's been a while since I've found more than one product that I'm willing to buy over and over again, so here are my current favorites! (I'm linking to a few of the products over on good ol' Amazon, but I picked up these specific items at CVS and Target, in order to use coupons on most of them.)

4 of my favorite drugstore makeup favorites! | yourwishcake.com
Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder — I mentioned this powder in a monthly swoonage post a while back, but I recently purchased a couple more on sale to have on hand when I run out. (Dare I say it is also nice to find pressed powder in a shade that's not "translucent" or "ivory" or anything else that makes me feel like I'm a human ghost? Fellow fair gals, I'm sure you understand.) This powder really offers the perfect coverage and I only need to apply it once in the morning and then once for a touch-up in the afternoon. The best!

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée — I use this gloss all day, every day. It's like the lipgloss I've been searching for my entire makeup-wearing life. (Not to be dramatic or anything, but really.) It moisturizes, adds the perfect amount of color, and is great for everyday wear!

e.l.f. Golden Bronzer — I used to swear by Benefit Hula as my go-to bronzer, but I'm glad I found a suitable replacement that is so inexpensive it kind of blows my mind. I mean, $3? How is this real life? It works well with my fair skin and I use it year-round for a bit of an extra glow.

Garnier BB Cream — I've been using this daily for a couple years now, and I'm still so pleased with how it works on my skin. (It even replaced the MAC Studio Fix powder foundation that I used for years and swore I'd never part with!) I've been blessed with pretty good skin, so I don't need a lot of coverage. Still, I need something that evens my skin a bit more than powder alone. I put this on every day (having sunscreen included is a plus, even if it's a low SPF!) then finish it with pressed powder.

As for the rest of my makeup bag…it's still a bit of a rotating selection, depending on what I find that comes at a high recommendation (and low price). As much as I dream of being a gal who can rock false eyelashes and red lipstick on the regular, I don't spend more than 5 minutes everyday on my whole routine. But I love that I'm finding things that I love to use, are totally within my budget, and never let me down.

I'm still on the search for the perfect mascara (which I may be willing to pay more for, since I can make a tube last far longer than is probably recommended or healthy or any of those things) and the perfect peaches-and-cream blush. Do any of you have any recommendations? Are there any drugstore products you swear by? I love adding things to my list of things-to-try!

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  1. I like Cover Girl Cheekers blush. For mascara, I like Benefit They're Real (if I'm feeling splurgey) or L'Oreal Voluminous the rest of the time. I used the Garnier BB cream for a long time but then switched to Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC cream because it has SPF 30 (and it was on sale).

  2. I love Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara - usually find it at Walgreens for about $2.99. It's a wetter formula which I don't usually care for but you get very voluminous lashes. I also love the L'Oreal butterfly mascara.

  3. I love the Garnier BB Cream and use it when I don't really want to put on much makeup. I can also recommend Physician's Formula CC Cream (Organic)... like it a lot!

    I definitely want to try out the Revlon Powder. I am using some other Revlon products that I like and I am a fair skinned girl... so I might like this, too!!

    As for mascaras, I can REALLY recommend Almay's Get up and grow mascara! I am also a fan of ULTA blushes.

  4. I'm doing the all-natural makeup thing now, but before I switched my favorite drugstore mascara was the orange tube by CoverGirl. It was great for everyday use.

    1. Have you done a post on your all-natural makeup choices yet? If so, point me in that direction! If not, please do one. :) I'm curious about where to even begin when it comes to that sort of thing. I don't wear that much makeup, so for the basics, I wouldn't mind doing something more natural!

  5. You recommended that BB cream and so I got it and I LOVE it and I hardly ever use my foundation stick anymore. I've tried a couple other BB/CC creams but I don't like them nearly as much as this one. I have always used good ole Great Lash for my mascara, and apparently they improved their formula since i bought my last tube!! I guess it gives a fuller effect now. :)

  6. Ulta Blush in Afternoon Delight is only $7 and is the perfect peaches and cream color for fair skin. I love it.

  7. OOooh, that NYX Butter Gloss? I was meh on it it when I received it in one of my beauty boxes, it looked so pink! But then I put it on and it was GLORIOUS. Totally a fave now.

    1. Right? My older sister peer-pressured me into buying a couple tubes of this gloss, and I ended up with no regrets because I found a new favorite! (Plus, I should learn to trust her judgement anyway, because she has yet to steer me in the wrong direction…) :)


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