September 28, 2014

my weekly to-dos...

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I don't know what it is, but goodness. I'm struggling so much with patience right now. I end up crumbling at some point every single day, and I'm so tired of it. I feel like a broken record talking about this sometimes, but lately I feel like my attitude is beyond my control. I'm worn out in a lot of ways, and struggling a bit emotionally in others, and perhaps it has just finally caught up with me. (It doesn't help that age 3 is packing a heavy punch these days! Eisley has discovered the art of piercing screams. It hurts my ears…and my soul.)

Aside from that, I feel like I'm gaining momentum in different areas. Home life, personal/professional goals, spiritually…there are certain aspects of my life that feel like a weight has been lifted a tiny bit, so I'm grateful for that.

I've also had a lot of Big Picture reminders lately. It's good to get a kick in the pants on a regular basis…to remember there are far more people than I realize who have far less than I could even imagine. Most of my complaints are embarrassing, really.

In any case, here's a look at last week's to-do list:

Last week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Plan date night (I'm officially waving the white flag…we'll date when we're empty-nesters, clearly)
 — Take Eisley somewhere new
 — Decorate for autumn
 — Try one new recipe

 — Drink only water (and one cup of coffee in the morning!) (I did enjoy a glass of wine and copious amounts of lemonade at a couple get-togethers this week, but I'm crossing it off because I stuck to my guns in every other instance!)
 — Finish reading one book (Read Finding Me—a memoir of a survivor of the Cleveland kidnappings—and ended up finishing it in one day, the story was so captivating. Graphic and heartbreaking, but also an incredible story of survival.)
 — Make an appointment I've been putting off for way too long

 — Create one piece of seasonal decor
 — Continue working on new blog layout (I should have everything the way I want it by October, but if you're reading this via some sort of reader, feel free to click through for a preview of the new space!)

 — Send one piece of snail mail

And here are my new goals for the week ahead:

This week's goals:

Marriage, Motherhood & Home Life
 — Patience, patience, patience, amen!
 — Make time for random fun with Eisley every single day
 — Do something nice for Jay
 — Begin week 1 of Crystal Paine's 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

 — Continue making more intentional, healthy food choices
 — Complete daily devotions (currently using Jesus Calling and The Message: Solo, New Testament)
 — Finish reading one book

 — Create blog editorial calendar (I'm loving this one from Elise!)
 — Reorganize bulletin board in crafting nook

 — Answer at least 3 emails per day

Also, it's almost October. Can I get a hurrah?

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  1. I think our body naturally gets a bit resistant at this time, it's the change of season, the darker mornings and nights.

    Try to get some mental rest. If you are emotional and exhausted, you'll keep being.


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