September 11, 2014

moderate couponing: cheap-cheap candles at Target...

Cheap-cheap candles at Target (we're talking $1) this week only! |
I must admit to being that stereotypical female that goes completely cray over all things pumpkin every time September rolls around. (Although, where lattes are concerned, I do prefer the cinnamon dolce to the pumpkin spice. Sorry, world!) Regardless, my home currently smells like sweet pumpkin heaven, and I have every intention of keeping it that way until December. 

At which point I will bust out the pine-scented candles, obviously.

Anyhow, the point of this post is that there is a great deal at Target right now for the Glade candles with autumnal (I've always wanted to use that word) scents. I was able to get these for $0.75 each. I'm too cheap to buy these candles full-price, so this week was the best week ever. And as long as you have a printer, smartphone and a local Target, you can snag this deal for yourself! (Just be sure to do so before the sale ends on Sunday.)

  Glade candles: purchased 4 @ $2.99/each (sale price)
   — Candles were buy 3, get 1 free
   — Used 10% Cartwheel discount
   — Used two $2 printable coupons (via
   — Submitted $0.50 Glade rebate (via Checkout 51)
   — Received bonus $1 for completing first rebate (via Checkout 51)

Regular price (pre-tax): $11.96
Price I paid (pre-tax): $3.02 ($0.75/each!)

I know this whole process may seem like way too much for seasonal candles, but I think it's totally worth it. Plus, it's kind of fun to get something brand-name for less than you'd pay at the dollar store! Things like these aren't items I typically buy because they are very much "unnecessary extras"—so it's quite nice to have gotten them for such a low price.

Oh! And this is my first time using the Checkout 51 app, which is very similar to Ibotta. It's super simple, and you can actually use it at any store. Rather nice! The only downside is that you can't cash out until you've earned $20 (whereas the limit is only $5 for Ibotta). Still, it's a handy app and probably something I'll be using again.

Here's to many more pumpkin-y days. (It may be in the mid-90s all week here, but my home will still smell a little bit like Thanksgiving, which I am totally okay with.)

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  1. Yay for great deals like this!
    I've been using the Checkout 51 app, too, and I really like that you can use it at any store! I shop a lot at the local co-op and Trader Joe's and Ibotta doesn't have coupons for those stores!


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