September 25, 2014

conversations with Eisley (part two)...

Eisley: "Mommy, I'd like a snack."
Me: "Would you like some goldfish?"
Eisley: "No, thank you. I want mayonnaise."

Eisley (pausing during a meltdown): "I'm having a rough day!"

Eisley (while walking to the park): "That guy looks like daddy!"
Me: "A little bit, I guess."
Eisley: "He looks like daddy because his face is crazy!"

Me (noticing Eisley is looking at the world map on our iPad rather intently): "What are you doing, Eisley?"
Eisley: "It's a map. I'm using it to look for Target."

Eisley (as we walk by a man getting into his car): "What is he doing?"
Me: "I'm not sure."
Eisley: "He's going to go home and have dinner allllll by himself."

Clearly, we are not making friends with strangers, given her running commentary on everything around us. But I must say, she is also very sweet when it comes to pointing out complimentary things, too. She'll say, "Oooooh, that lady has pretty painted toenails!" or, "Look! She has a braid just like Elsa!" We walked past an old woman at the grocery store and Eisley told me breathlessly how beautiful she was. (I secretly hoped she heard it.)

I also feel the need to mention that she recently created an imaginary friend named Jenny, who has a mom also named Jenny, and it continues to make me laugh.

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  1. These are absolutely hilarious!

  2. Ohmygoodness, too cute. Love that she's looking for Target already, smart girl :)

  3. WAIT, how did the mayonnaise snack request end?

  4. Loved this! Conversations with kids are always the best!!

  5. Haha - "because his face is crazy!" that made me laugh. These conversations are so cute! :)

  6. My favorite has to be that she was looking at the map for a Target. Girl after my own heart ;)

  7. I laughed out loud at the map one ... sounds like something my son might say :)

  8. Doesn't everyone want mayo for a snack?! These are great!

  9. Allll by himself. Bahaha! She is hilarious!


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