August 31, 2014

things that made me swoon in August...

things that made me swoon in August |
1. Elise Gets Crafty podcast — Yet another podcast for me to look forward every week…hooray! I've followed Elise and her creative ventures for years now, and this podcast gives you a peek behind the scenes. She and her weekly guests offer advice, stories and encouragement for anyone who has an interest in all things creative, blog and small-business! Even if you don't own your own business or have your own blog, I would still give this podcast a listen. Elise is a gem, and her wisdom and wit are always so charming.

2. Starbucks iced latte — I've been able to save so much money couponing in the past year, so I've decided that here and there I should treat myself to an unnecessary splurge while doing my weekly shopping. I recently tried out these Starbucks coffee drinks and am completely sold. At our Vons, the price is only $5 for the carton, which boasts a total of eight 8 oz. drinks. If you're an avid Starbucks customer, I definitely recommend trying this out as an alternative to save a bit of money. To me, they tasted the exact same as what I would be getting for much, much more money.

3. Warby Parker Wilkie glasses — I posted my review of the at-home try-ons a while back, and I finally got around to ordering my favorite pair. I was hesitant to spend the money on these ($95, including lenses and shipping), but once they arrived I decided they were totally worth it. I won't be getting a new pair for years (and years) and have ended up wearing them almost daily. I'm so happy with the fit and the style, and I've been recommending Warby Parker to people ever since I received my pair!

4. The Witness Wore Red by Rebecca Musser — If there is a book on polygamy, I will read it. (True story.) This one was an awesome read, and I definitely recommend it! No matter how many of these books I read, I'm always so fascinated by the stories of the women behind them. Incredible what they continue to overcome.

5. — I'm not one to sign up for a bunch of daily deal sites, but my sister recently recommended this one and I'm loving it so far. They have a ton (like, 30+) items in each email I receive every morning, but the variety of items is awesome and the prices are almost all in my budget. They offer everything from home decor, children and women's clothes, kitchen gadgets, unique jewelry, and a bunch of customized children's items. I'm busting a move on Christmas gifts early this year, and have already placed three orders through their website and have been pleased as punch with each purchase! As long as you're not someone who will be tempted to buy something every time you peek at these emails, I recommend signing up to start hoarding Christmas gifts and other bits and bobbins. Or, you know, to treat yo self.

And what had you swooning this past month? Do share!

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  1. I recently downloaded a few podcast samples and Elise gets crafty was one of them! Liking it so far! I also want to check out! ;)


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