August 7, 2014

recent craftiness: easy frame makeover...

easy frame makeover |
Truth be told, I should be working on decorations for Eisley's last-minute birthday gathering at our place this weekend, but instead I felt like sharing this ridiculously simple frame makeover I managed to do yesterday. You're welcome! (I think.)

First things first: I like gold. (When I say that, the only thing I can think of is Austin Powers in Goldmember. I love gooooold! The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture! Please don't judge me by my questionable taste in movies.)

Anyway, I like gold. It's kind of my thing right now. I don't know what it is, but it calls to me. I only have a few gold items in our decor right now (obviously not real gold, so if you try to rob us you're going to be really disappointed by the gold owl I got at the dollar store), but for some reason gold has really caught my eye lately.

I've had a random bottle of gold paint hanging out in my crafting nook—here's something similar to what I used for this project—and yesterday I had the idea to paint over a black frame that I was growing bored of. When I was recently visiting my older sister, she had a large (gorgeous!) gold frame that I borderline wanted to steal and use as my carry-on for the flight home. But I held back and decided to just use her frame as inspiration and make my own (somewhat smaller) version!

easy frame makeover |
No, I didn't let Eisley paint the frame. But she had a jolly time trying to dip her fingers into the paint when I wasn't looking.

easy frame makeover |
Two coats later and this was the result! I was going to do one final coat, because there are places where you can see a tiny bit of the black showing through, but it's not enough that you would notice from a regular distance. (The print inside is from a now defunct Etsy shop—Persimmon & Pink. One of my favorites!)

easy frame makeover |
This frame used to be by our front door, but I never noticed it because of where it was positioned. I have been trying to create some sort of frame collage above our couch, so I decided to add it there. (For the record, I'm not completely sold on the positioning of any these frames, so if you think it looks wonky, you're probably right. Darn perfectionism!)

I loved how quickly this project came together, and how it added much more personality to an otherwise plain ol' black frame. Hurrah for simple (and free) makeovers!

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  1. I have quite a few prints from Persimmon & Pink - I loved that shop! Your collage looks great! I'm working on one in our living room too. My frames are always crooked because the kids stand up on the couch and play with them. It drives me nuts, but maybe it makes it look more homey?

  2. i recently bought some prints{and frames} for my adoption room and painted one of the frames gold. And because the frame was too skinny, it didn't really translate as gold...but more just tan from far back. I think gold looks MUCH better on a fatter frame like yours. love it.


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