August 5, 2014

recent craftiness: DIY snail mail project...

snail mail DIY |
Thanks to a recent bit of couponing, I was able to snag a box of these Starbucks instant lemonade packets for less than $3. (This is going to look like a post sponsored by Starbucks, but if only that were true. I'm just a gal with a love of pretty mail and completely random craft projects.) Before downing all the lemonade myself, I realized it would be fun to send a few of these to some friends in some sort of creative manner! I used to sell jewelry in my shop, and ended up with a bunch of leftover, tiny mailing envelopes that have been sitting around for ages. When I realized these drink packets fit perfectly into these envelopes—even when attached to some manila tags—an idea was born.

I wanted to share a little tutorial on how I put together this sweet and simple project! I was able to use only items I had on hand for this, which has been a recent goal of mine. (Here's to making my way through the mass amount of supplies I've accumulated over the past decade! I mean, honestly.)

snail mail DIY |
Small drink packets (even tea bags or something similar!): I used these
Variety of washi tape: similar here
Glue stick: dollar store, baby!
Vintage book pages (or regular scrapbook paper)
Twine: similar here
Manila tags: similar here
Circle punch: found here
Small crochet hook: similar here 
Floral wire: similar here
Small shipping envelopes: similar here

(not shown: random lace bits and printed tape from oh, hello friend)

snail mail DIY |
I keep seeing little washi tape flags around the ol' internet, and I couldn't help but make some myself! I had a small bag of floral wire in one of my craft supply drawers (no idea what it was originally for), and decided to use it for the washi flags. I folded the tape over, cut a small triangle out of the ends, and then wound the bottom portion of the wire around the smallest crochet hook I could find.
snail mail DIY |
Assembling the actual gift is rather simple and self explanatory (and you can kind of do whatever the heck you feel like doing, with whatever the heck you have on hand). I wrote a note on the back of the tag, so I didn't have to include an additional note in the shipping envelope. I added some tape and paper circles to the manila tag first, then stuck tape to the back of the drink packet to hold it in place. I added a bit of lace, twine, and the washi tape flags. Aaaaand done!

snail mail DIY |
A sweet treat for a friend. Tied up with string. (And other favorite things.) Not too shabby!

snail mail DIY |
As I mentioned before, they fit perfectly inside these envelopes, and should cost right around $2 to ship within the US. (Granted, shipping prices are ridiculous and I can never keep track of when they go up.) I'll be shipping these to a few friends this week and hope they brighten their day—and help them cool down during this toasty-roasty summer.

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