August 30, 2014

conversations with Eisley...

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Eisley: "Baby Rosie went poopy in her diaper. I need to change her."
Me: "Is your baby going to start using the potty like a big girl?"
Eisley: "She needs to wear diapers all the time. It's the world she knows!"

Me: "I wish I could get inside your brain!"
Eisley: "It's closed right now."

Me: "Eisley, please don't lay down on the bathroom floor."
Eisley: "BUT I LOVE IT!"
Me: "Well, okay then."

Me: "Would you like to be an astronaut someday?"
Eisley: "But…I don't have the right outfit."

Me: "Hey, good job! You drew a rectangle!"
Eisley: "It almost looks like a tiger or a mouth or a banana."

For the past couple months, she has also started randomly shortening a bunch of words for no apparent reason, which never fails to entertain me. Blanket = blanks. Rapunzel = Rapunz. You're welcome = you're welks. Potty = pots. Auntie Kristin = Auntie Krissy.

I'm not going to lie: Age three is kind of a riot.


  1. Toddler conversations are the BEST. Please keep documenting these! I could read these kinds of posts aaaall day. :)

    1. This is such a delayed response, but you're the one who inspired me to start writing these things down! (I usually jot them down in an app, otherwise I'd forget them all so quickly.) I always love when you blog about the things Meredith says…there's something about kiddos this age, I tell ya. :)

  2. I love toddler conversations too :) Topher's latest favourite saying is "Me and God and Jesus? We know everything!" It cracks me up every time :)

  3. I love these, please keep posting them!

  4. This makes me so excited for when my kids can talk! She is too funny.

  5. So cute and funny!! Its such a joy when your kiddos begin to have conversations with you and you get a peek into their mind (you know, when its not closed, heehee).


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