July 31, 2014

things that made me swoon in July...

things that made me swoon in July | yourwishcake.com 
1. Be Fruitful by Victoria Maizes, MD — Jay and I are hoping to have another wee one sometime in the next year, and I've been looking into learning more about fertility and other womanly things. (There's really no way to talk about this without feeling like you're offering the ultimate overshare, is there? Ah, well!) This book was well-written and packed with information on natural ways to get your body ready to have a baby. There is a ton of information, and there were certain chapters that I skimmed, but overall I think it's a fantastic read—even if you aren't yet trying to get pregnant, these are things that are so important for women to know.

2. Day One app — This is such a fun memory-keeping app, and it's free! I've used it almost every day for almost a month now, and it's the perfect way to add a photo and jot down a few sentences about every day. You can even set a reminder, so you get an alert that prompts you to write or upload a photo. It is super simple, and that is definitely my style these days. Although I do social media updates most days, it's nice to have somewhere to write thoughts that are a little more personal and to post my favorite photo for the day.

3. Peg + Cat — This show! We discovered it on Netflix (which is where Eisley watches most shows, since we don't have satellite/cable), and it's become a new favorite. It is a PBS Kids show that I hadn't heard of before now, and it is ridiculously cute. Quirky and silly, but filled with lessons that are perfect for the preschool/kindergarten set.

4. Hyland's Nighttime Cold 'n Cough — When Eisley gets a cough, it ends up hanging around for entirely too long (she must get it from me, because I'm the same way with lingering coughs). Instead of using regular ol' cough syrup for nights upon nights, I was excited to find a natural alternative that works just as well. I've tried one other natural cough syrup that didn't work at all, but this one has helped Eisley sleep and lessened coughing overall every time we've used it. And it is safe for any child over the age of 2, which is fantastic.

5. Wunderlist app — This is the second app I discovered this month, and I adore it! This is also a free app and definitely worth the download. I have a bunch of lists on there, including: Christmas shopping lists for everyone in the family (I like adding gift ideas on the go, before I forget!), grocery lists, blog post ideas, books to read, etc. It's easy to use, and I like having just one app for the lists I like to take with me everywhere.

And what had you swooning this month? Do share!

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  1. I love Hylands and Peg + Cat! The theme is an earworm but I also love it, so there's that.

  2. I love your lists! I'm going to check out Wunderlist and the baby book. I have my own baby-ready challenges with diabetes in the mix, but I also know there are other womanly things I should probably pay attention to!

  3. Anther good book is Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It explains a lot and is super informative. That's how I learned so much about my (lack of) cycles before Matthew and was able to talk to the doctors about the situation with more confidence.

    We'll have to check out that new show and natural remedies are a big deal in our house!

  4. Good luck on the second kid!

  5. We use Hylands Nighttime when Topher is sick but for some reason the daytime stuff makes him just ZING. This month I'm loving Shane and Shane (as always!), "Notes from a Blue Bike" (Tsh Oxenreider), and yogurt pops.


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