July 25, 2014

moderate couponing: cheap coffee for your weekend...

cheap coffee for your weekend | yourwishcake.com
I was able to get this coffee for only $1.50 today, after combining sale pricing, a printable coupon and an Ibotta rebate. Can I get an amen? (Amen.)

This is something that (depending on where you live) you should be able to take advantage of this weekend, too, so I had to pop in and share a little how-to! Just remember that the sale pricing for this coffee is a special $5 Friday deal at Vons/Safeway stores, so it is only good this weekend with your club card. If you are unable to make it to the store on Friday, just log onto your account this weekend and you should still be able to add this coffee to your card online for the discounted price. I've had luck doing this in the past.

Here's how I was able to get this deal:

  Seattle's Best coffee: $5 (club price)
   — Used one $2 coupon (printable from seattlesbest.com)
   — Submitted $1.50 rebate (via Ibotta)

Retail price (pre-tax): $7.99
Price I paid (pre-tax): $1.50

Jay and I drink coffee every morning, and it's a little ridiculous how quickly we go through these 12 oz. bags of coffee. I've consistently been able to get various brands (even Starbucks) for $3 or less, thanks to coupons, rebates and sales. Pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. We no longer have to get the crazy-cheap (and not as delicious) kind from Costco. Hooray for my tastebuds and energy level!

Happy coffee drinking, folks.

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