June 26, 2014

who I am (at the moment)...

I am…

…glad I have a photo of a recent exceptionally good hair day for this post. That way you don't see what I looked like on Monday when I didn't shower until 3:30PM. (No shame. Well, maybe a little bit.)

…on the fourth week of my running program and am still generally loving it. Monday was the first really difficult morning, but I was scheduled for a 45 minute run/walk and I never look forward to any sort of long workout. I much prefer the days I'm expected to do some sort of interval or simply a 2 mile jaunt. (Before you are too impressed, keep in mind that I still walk for a portion of any workout.) Still, it's true what they say about never regretting a workout. I know if I woke up in a terrible mood and skipped a scheduled run that I would be fighting feelings of disappointment in myself all day long. Plus, I've been enjoying the fresh morning air when I do head out the door soon after the sunrise.

…finding that changing my mindset on mornings has done me so much good. Oddly, when I think about getting up early every morning, I've started thinking of it as a treat. Knowing I will (typically) be up before Eisley and have a little time to myself has helped me almost look forward to rolling out of bed when Jay's alarm goes off. It's a miracle, truly. Because I've always, always been a sleeper-inner by nature, and becoming a morning person is definitely a fight.

…on summer break from my mommy group, and it feels very weird to not have somewhere to go every Thursday morning. The more time goes on, the more I realize having a scheduled week is something I really love.

…coming up with a new goal for personal earnings. I've been wanting to add more to the family pot (so to speak) for a while now, and as time goes on I am able to fit so much more into each day. I'm starting to brainstorm new projects, new products for my shop, and more things to do with this ol' blog. By the beginning of next year, I'd love to be bringing in $300 every month—which is a number that I never would have thought possible until the past couple years. I think it's time for me to really do something with my inspiration, talents and newfound energy.

…absolutely in love with country music. It is my happy place.

…trying to spend more intentional playtime with Eisley. The thing is, this stage is so fun when I actually sit down for longer than 15 minutes with her without being distracted by something else that needs my attention (housework, dishes, making a meal, my phone, etc.). She is all about make-believe right now, and it totally brings me back to my own childhood. I know that she would love nothing more than my sitting down with her to play airplane or library or Hello Kitty Store (it's an actual thing) for a solid 30 minutes. It's time to make time for those things.

…thinking a lot about marriage, and how our culture does so little to prepare us for the whole thing.

…grateful for the morning and evening "bookends" I look forward to every day. First: exercise or early devotions (or, lets be honest, extra sleep), a cup of coffee, breakfast with Eisley, my favorite podcast, an empty sink. And later: making dinner, the sound of Jay opening the screen door when he gets home, Eisley giggling with Jay while I clean the kitchen, stories before bed, Friends reruns and a creative project.


  1. If you are showering every day, you're ahead of me!

    I love your attitude about seeing mornings as treats. That's how I think of them, too - I wake up at 5:30 and hope for at least 15-30 minutes of alone time, but my kids are early risers so I don't always get it! I try not to be too bummed when that happens. :)

    1. I totally don't shower every day, and in rereading this post I think I unintentionally gave myself too much credit. ;) I only shower every other day (and there have been times I've gone longer than that, so…hurrah for good deodorant and dry shampoo!). LOL.

      I know I've said it before, but I love that your kids are early risers, too! It makes me feel less alone.

  2. Your hair is long and gorgeous!! Woot to good hair days!!

  3. You always have such a refreshing perspective. Running has been so hard for me lately and it's discouraging. I'm happy to hear that you do a walk/run program that works and reminding me that any exercise makes you feel great is super helpful right now!

    1. What I think has helped to keep my motivation, and to not burn out, is to think about how I want to do this for health, and for the long run (no pun intended). ;) I think that when I used to work out, I had a short-term goal in mind, and that made me want to just get through it…not to enjoy the process.

      I always think that as long as I'm getting out there and doing something, then it doesn't matter if I only ran half and walked the other half. It all counts, and my body appreciates it!

      You've got this, lady. I just wish you lived down the street so we could be running buddies… :)

  4. I am on summer break from teaching and I don't know what to do with myself!! I am a routine-lover as well so I've started going to yoga classes 3- days a week because... well, why not? And I feel that we are in similar places with working out. xx

  5. I don't know how you manage to take such good photos of yourself - I always look so awkward in front of a camera, even if it's just me, taking a picture of myself! I've been trying to get up early in the mornings too ... It's nice to be able to have a bowl of grown up cereal (i.e. Cinnamon Toast Crunch) without a little one pulling on my leg and begging for some.

    1. Haha, you flatter me so! Good filters help making photos look nicer than they do normally. ;)

      And, oh, how I love me some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We recently got a huge box of Frosted Flakes from Costco, and it's a little bit dangerous to have in the house...

  6. Good for you on keeping up with your morning workouts! I so want to be able to get into something similar once Baby #2 is here. Well a little while after baby #2 is here, because let's be honest, I'm going to be clinging to every moment of sleep I can get once she arrives.


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