June 10, 2014

recipes I tried and loved...

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I've been making a real effort to be more creative in the kitchen, and lately I have come across a few new recipes that I absolutely loved. It's one thing to pin something to my food board on Pinterest, but it's a whole 'nother to actually buckle down and make some of the things I've been drooling over for months. I always like trying recipes that were specifically recommended to me by a friend, so hopefully this post will help a few of you gals (and guys) out in the kitchen, too. I'm not a fancy cook by any means (simplicity makes me happy, especially when I have to cook/bake while also wrangling an almost-three-year-old), so anything I recommend is something that will definitely be doable for almost anyone else.

Here are several recent favorites:

The above photo may not be the prettiest, but believe you me: These were amazing. I already can't wait to make them again based on how simple they were and how delicious they ended up being! (I'm also a fan of a meal that provides at least one lunch for both Jay and I the day after.) This recipe showed me how easy-peasy making enchilada sauce from scratch can be, and was also a meal that could have been dairy-free…had I not wanted to use the last of the sour cream we had in the fridge. These enchiladas don't even have cheese inside the tortillas, but the creamy, flavorful mixture inside—paired with the delicious sauce on top—make for a meal that doesn't even need a dollop (or, in my case, two spoonfuls) of Daisy. Make 'em! You'll love them. (Also, I didn't have any cocoa powder on hand, so I omitted it from the recipe and it still tasted just fine.)

Spinach Salad with Penne via Taste of Home
This was one of those recipes I came across after searching for a side dish to make with ingredients I already on hand. (I love when I'm able to find one! The less shopping trips, the better.) I ended up using sliced almonds instead of pine nuts, because that's all we had here at home. Other than that quick adjustment, I already had everything I needed! It was super quick to prepare, and I was actually able to have everything mixed and ready about an hour before dinner (I just waited until serving to add the vinaigrette). Recipes that I'm able to prep during nap time or before getting the rest of the meal ready are the best. I think that I liked this recipe better than Jay, but I'm totally making it again…even if I just end up eating it for lunch a few days in a row.

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies via Williams Sonoma
I'm always down to try a new cookie recipe. These seemed a little different than other recipes I've used—mostly because there was more brown sugar than white sugar, and they encouraged you to use an electric mixer for the dough. They didn't turn out exactly like the photos, but both Eisley and I could tell you they are absolutely delicious. The first batch was set for 13 minutes and they came out a wee bit crispy, so if you make these be sure to keep an eye on them and take them out before they are too dark. Also, I was able to get 3 dozen from this recipe—enough for me to freeze a bunch, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread via Little Miss Momma
I've been using this recipe (sans nuts; personal preference!) to make muffins from over-ripe bananas for quite some time now, and I'm just now getting around to making it in a loaf pan. (I'm 29 years old and finally bought a loaf pan after 8 years of marriage. Lazy? Probably. Cheap? Always.) A new goal of mine is to always have some sort of homemade bread on hand (and extra in the freezer), so making this one was my first experiment. I ended up taking the bread out before it was done (although the toothpick came out dry, I swear!) and when I went to dump the loaf onto the counter, it…squished. BUT! I ended up popping it back into the pan real quickly and baked it for a bit longer. It worked out just fine (which is good, because wasting that many ingredients would have given me hives) and I ended up freezing half and keeping the other half in the fridge. Delicious!

Are there any fantastic recipes you've tried recently? I'm especially on the lookout for non-scary vegan meals, homemade breads, and any sort of meat-free soups. Please share any recommendations you may have—I'll totally add them to my list.

Psssst! In case you missed it, here is my first recipe-sharing post!


  1. I'm the worst at being creative in the kitchen! The black bean and veggie avocado enchiladas sound really good. I mean what's not to love? Avocado, veggies, black beans...??? I'd prob add shredded chicken to appease my meat eating hubby :)

  2. This recipe was amazing. It's vegetarian, not vegan, and the cheese is what makes it tasty.

  3. I've never frozen cookies. Do you freeze the dough, or the baked cookie? What a good idea, though!

    1. I think this is one of those weird things that I only started doing because of Jay. Or maybe just after we got married. Who knows! In any case, we almost always keep cookies in the fridge (they seem to keep longer, and not get stale so quickly—plus, I like chewy cookies with the crunch of cold chocolate chips!). And what I do lately is freeze half the batch after baking them, that way I don't have to eat three a day in order to go through the whole batch before they get stale. Once we're done with the first half-batch, I will pull the other half-batch out of the freezer and once they thaw it's like fresh cookies all over again!

      Of course, who am I kidding? If there are cookies in the house, I'm going to eat three a day… ;)

  4. I've been eating my way through my Pinterest board as well -- Budget Bytes is one of my favorite sites. I haven't tried that recipe yet, but now I feel like I must..
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  5. I make this once a week during the summer and it's Brett's favorite thing I cook (note: I skip the beets and add grilled chicken). SO GOOD. http://www.loveandoliveoil.com/2012/07/peach-and-roasted-vegetable-salad.html


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