June 5, 2014

moderate couponing: Almay cosmetics at CVS...

moderate couponing: Almay cosmetics at CVS | yourwishcake.com
It's been a while since I've done much shopping at CVS—mostly because at this point I'm pretty well stocked when it comes to most beauty products, and Eisley is (hopefully) not going to need diapers for much longer. However, this week I had to stop by because there was a high-value Almay coupon in the most recent set of coupon inserts that paired perfectly with a makeup coupon I received from the CVS coupon machine last week.

This is a perfect example of how to combine sales, store coupons and manufacturer coupons to get almost-free makeup. I was able to pay less than $2 total for these two items. I don't care who you are or where you're from or what kind of makeup you wear…that's a pretty good deal. See below for the breakdown:

   1 Almay mascara: $9.29
   1 Almay lip gloss: $6.49
   — Used two $4 coupons (from coupon inserts)
   — Used $3 off $15 cosmetic purchase coupon (from CVS coupon machine)
   — All Almay products are currently buy one, get one 50% off

Retail price (pre-tax): $15.78
Total price I paid (pre-tax): $1.53

I have two other shades of this same lipgloss which I was able to get for free with coupons a while back, and this pink shade will be fun to tuck into one of my bags to use while on-the-go. I haven't used this mascara before, but I was in need of a new tube. I love when I have the chance to try something new without paying much at all! I used to pay full price for something I hadn't tried, only to be disappointed (and annoyed) that I paid almost $10 for a product I didn't even end up liking.

And just a note on coupon inserts, for those of you who are curious: We receive two papers each Sunday—the LA Times and the OC Register. We've received the Sunday LA Times for a few years and have been able to get the OC Register for $1 per year thanks to a deal through my cousin's high school. (Otherwise I couldn't really rationalize paying for two papers!) But if you really don't want to pay for a weekly paper just for coupons, definitely ask around to see if there is anyone who doesn't use their inserts! My grandma and aunt both periodically give me envelopes of their coupon inserts because otherwise they would just recycle them. Odds are there is someone in your family, neighborhood or circle of friends who would be more than happy to hand over their coupons. Although there are so many printable coupons these days, I've found that there have been many high-value coupons recently for things like beauty products and certain foods that make having the actual coupon inserts quite worth it.

That's just my tip o' the day. Happy couponing!

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  1. So good!!! My coupon organization stinks, and when I think I can double or triple savings, I discover that the coupon (or two) is expired. PFFFT. Lol. Love that you are rockin' the coupons!!


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