April 24, 2014

the bestie's maternity photos (AKA: sometimes I pretend to be a photographer)...

Maternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.com
Last weekend, I had the honor of taking some maternity photos for my best friend and her husband, who are expecting their first wee one in late-May or early-June (depending on when the little guy decides to make his grand debut). I'm so thrilled with how the photos turned out, so I had to share a little sneak-peek here! (Side note: You may remember when I took engagement photos for them back in 2009. I can't believe how long ago that was. Slow down, time!)

Here's the thing about me and photography: I get so, so nervous before taking photos for people. Even when it's for free and it's just for a friend and there's really not that much pressure at all. I am such a perfectionist and worry so much about being good enough, and living up to whatever expectations people have. My fear of failure makes me a little bit barfy. (As well as quite eloquent. Clearly.) It's such an issue for me that I'm not sure I could ever be a "real" photographer—despite the fact that in the back of my mind I think I really could do it on some level. 

It makes me wonder how actual photographers do it…are they just not crazy-perfectionists? Have they just learned to fake the confidence until they actually have it? Are they just less hard on themselves? Are they just more carefree and less barfy?

If you have the answers, please share. I'd appreciate it.

Anyhow, here are some of my favorite shots from our evening at the beach! (Could Marianne be any more gorgeous? I mean, really. And I think her husband is basically a catalog model, although I probably shouldn't have said that to his face, because now he may think I'm totally weird. Sorry, John.)

Maternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.com
Maternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.com
Maternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.comMaternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.comMaternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.comMaternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.comMaternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.com Maternity sneak-peek | yourwishcake.com
I'm so incredibly excited for these two. I was friends with Marianne even before she was dating John, so I was lucky enough to watch their love story unfold. They are one of the sweetest couples, and I'm so blessed by their friendship. Marianne is one of those people who has had such a hand in the person I am today, and is definitely someone I can't imagine not having in my life. She is going to be the most incredible mama, and I can't wait to meet baby Jackson!

(You'd better believe I can't wait to take way too many photos of his tiny baby toes and his tiny baby ears and his tiny baby eyelashes. Babyyyy feverrrrrrr!)


  1. So, my husband worked w/several photogs in SF doing product photography (so, not portraits, etc). I was always shocked by how BAD some of the photogs were - as in can't-focus-the-camera-even-when-it's-on-a-tripod-and-the-subject-isnt-moving bad. As a photoshop expert, he would often cringe at how much work he had to do to make the photo acceptable. And these photogs were making $500/day shooting for nationally known & reputable magazines/catalogs. He said the secret was basically fake it til you make it & if you show enough confidence, people will pay you lots of $ to do mediocre work. Not the ideal obviously, but it does seem like it always comes back to confidence, strangely, and not necessarily the skill or talent (though clearly they are often linked). Your pics are lovely, though!!!! :)

  2. So, my opinion of these photos:
    Wherever Seth and I are living when (if) I get pregnant, we will fly you out to us to take our pics. Thanks for your cooperation.
    I love em all, but the side portrait of M with her sweater is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. aaaaaaaaand I was going to pin it, but it won't let me!! How'd you do that?

  4. First of all, these are wonderful photos! What a lovely couple! It was fun to peek back at their engagement photos and then look at these. So excited for them. : )

    Also, I'm not a photographer, but I've been working at a company where everything we do revolves around people's stories about their career paths. I think I can safely tell you with great confidence that most people fake the confidence until they truly feel it develop. You should totally stick with it! Not only do you obviously have a talent for it, but you also have a wonderful personality which would make people so happy to work with you and recommend you to others. : )

  5. Aw, so cute! Love the mix of colour/black and white. Such a lovely touch :)

  6. You're incredibly talented, Kerri—these photographs (and your subjects) are gorgeous!

    I spent several hours last night/this morning trying to write about the curse of perfectionism eloquently but the perfect words weren't coming to me so I succumbed to sleep—and that is the whole problem with perfectionism: it stops us from getting something that is "good enough" (and that others might even think is great, incredible, or unbelievable) out there.

    I think like you said, those who get things done just fake it until they start believing they're awesome, but I think they always retain that fear of not meeting their client's (or their own) expectations. The ones who are completely without the fear of failure or the desire to do a perfect job may no longer care about what they do and are just going through the motions.

    For the photography work, when the time is right, you could always start small by adding photography as an offering to your website and promoting it and see where it goes from there...I think you'd rock it!


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